5 Mistakes To Avoid In Your Label Design

Your company’s label design says a lot about you, so it’s important to get the design concept right. To stay on top of your design game, you also have to know which label design mistakes to avoid. We’ve got you covered with the 5 top mistakes, so keep reading.

Grammatical Mistakes

It should go without saying that your labels should follow spelling and grammar rules. However, you’ll find that grammatical errors can easily slip through the cracks if you don’t pay careful attention. Imagine what your customers would think, coming across poor punctuation or a spelling mistake on your label.

That’s not a great way to build your brand’s image. So, always double-check your label designs to avoid this mistake. Don’t take it for granted that the person sending over the label has already done a good job. People are human, after all, and if they happen to work in a rush, it’s normal for errors to occur. One tip to help you out is to copy/paste the text into any app with a spell-check function. You can also enlist the help of printing professionals to ensure someone else will catch errors that you may have otherwise missed.

Unexciting Design

Your label design should have your brand colors. If they have incorrect colors, then the mismatch could cost you some customers. This typically happens because of errors, such as incorrect computer display configurations or other technical errors. Remember, most people will absolutely judge your company based on the label designs, and if the product labels on your packaging look off, then you may fail to create an emotional connection with your customer.

Another reason why your label design and packaging might be unexciting is because of using an outdated design. Why you might be putting off rebranding because of the cost, it’s important to remember that you must spend money to make money. Part of that includes updating your design and packaging to match current trends that customers love.

Low-Quality Materials

Your label designs and overall packaging need to be put together well to create the best impression on customers. Even something as simple as the adhesive you use for your labels should be top-quality to avoid a product that ends up with an unseemly appearance. If the label comes off while they’re handling the product, it will be easy for them to assume that perhaps the entire product is made from cheap material.

So, whether you’re choosing paper or film for your labels, be sure to do your research and find out which one has the features and quality that best match your brand design. Typically, your choice of quality label material is based on the product. In other words, considering how the product will be stored, displayed, and used will help you avoid using the wrong label materials.

Unclear Messaging

Your label design should communicate the right message to your customers. It’s a top way to market your brand and increase sales. That’s why labels with unclear messaging can hurt your brand. Take, for instance, labels with blurry graphics caused by low resolution or using the wrong type of printer or settings. The end result is a poor quality label that won’t do justice to your label and doesn’t speak your customer’s language. Always make sure your label doesn’t have a pixelated appearance by working with reputable and experienced professionals.

Using Wasteful Materials

Now that the world is becoming more eco-conscious, it’s essential that your label design impacts the environment as minimally as possible. Companies and businesses are being encouraged to reduce their carbon footprint more and more. So, where possible, always ensure your labels and packaging include recyclable material.

That means your product can also cater to environmentally friendly customers. For instance, elaborate product packaging used to be popular. However, today, wrapping products in multiple layers is frowned upon – it’s wasteful and results in a more polluted environment.

Instead, try to be as minimal as possible with your packaging design idea while still ensuring your packaging meets the product’s needs. If your product is eco-friendly, be sure to include that in the design because it’s more likely to make your product attractive.

Choosing the perfect label for your design the first time around or after rebranding can do wonders for your bottom line. Be sure to work with expert professionals that know how to bring out the best in your brand image via your product labels and packaging design. Finally, keep these 5 design mistakes top of mind to ensure you end up with a quality label design you and your customers are happy with.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.