How to Migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 Mailboxes in Batches

 “Our organization comprising of more than 200+ employees has decided to migrate from Lotus Notes to Office 365. In order to perform bulk NSF file migration to Office 365, we are in search of an apt solution. This is because the manual approach is not a feasible approach to perform Lotus Notes to O365 migration with multiple NSF files. Hence, we are looking to know an immediate solution, which will migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 mailboxes in batches without hampering the ongoing work. If there exists a suitable method to process the same, please suggest at the earliest.”

In recent times, MS Office 365 has gained the heart of countless individuals because of its mind-blowing features. It is induced with numerous result-oriented functionalities, which enables everyone to utilize the same. Understanding the complexities faced in the corporate business world, it is incorporated with the advanced features, which can be availed by both small-scale and large-scale organizations. The best part is that one can choose the desired subscription plan, which best meets their work requirements. Whereas, one has to face several challenges while working on Lotus Notes. The foremost reason behind migrating Lotus Notes to O365 mailboxes in batches is because of the complex interface, high maintenance cost, etc.

Well, one has perform a cross-platform file migration process as Office 365 does not support Lotus Notes NSF file format. When there are multiple NSF files, which are to be migrated into IBM Notes. One has to thoroughly plan before undergoing the migration procedure. This blog will help users know about the most recommended well-rounder solution comprehensively.

Major Reasons Behind Migrating from IBM Notes to Office 365

  • Office 365 renders quick data accessibility from any location or device unlike Lotus Notes
  • Users may find the interface of IBM Notes pretty much complex whereas O365 offers simplified user interface
  • MS Office 365 requires less maintenance costs in comparison to Lotus Notes
  • Office 365 offers result-driven and advanced features as compared to Lotus Notes

How to Migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 Mailboxes in Batches?

If you are looking for a free manual solution to perform NSF to O365 file migration in batches, then it does not support such migration process. The manual approach using IMAP connector bestows a couple of shortcomings, which are mentioned below:

  • Using the manual approach, one needs to setup high-level connection, which requires application of filters, which are complicated and expensive
  • Requires sufficient amount of time and technical knowledge to perform the steps
  • It is not possible to establish IMAP connection if IBM Notes email program is in disable state
  • Using IMAP connector, the calendar data of NSF file is not migrated, which needs to be performed manually
  • Lotus Notes NSF file with 1GB or more are transferred to the destination Office 365 platform
  • In case of bulk NSF file migration to O365, users must repeat the process multiple times

Bulk Migrate NSF Files to MS Office 365- The Easy Way

As mentioned above, the manual approach comprises of several limitations and the outcome is not result-oriented. Hence, it is recommended to avail trustworthy third-party tool like SysTools Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migrator. The software is integrated with countless advanced features that ensures a hassle-free data migration. It is programmed in a manner to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 mailboxes in batches. It offers “Concurrent migration” feature wherein users can set a maximum of 40 user accounts. As a result, IBM Notes mailboxes will be migrated in batches with the specified number of accounts. This feature can be utilized from Settings>> Application Settings option from the software panel.

Besides the concurrent migration features, the utility facilitates various other amazing features such as delta migration, re-run full migration and retry failed items. Using “Fetch Users” or “Import Users” option, users can easily map the desired mailboxes as per their preference. Users can selectively perform data migration of NSF data items i.e., emails, contacts and calendars to Office 365. The software is the best alternative over the cumbersome manual approach.

Concluding Thoughts

In order to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 mailboxes in batches, users can go for the seamless solution mentioned in this write-up. Using which, users can efficiently perform IBM Notes to O365 mailbox migration without facing any technical glitches. The software comprises of all result-driven features, which are developed specifically to meet the challenging migration needs.