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What do you think is being happy? That little smile on your face does not necessarily mean that you are actually happy. The concept refers to inner mindful happiness. You might be trying to look for happy times, but you may not find them as you are trying in the wrong way. There are different techniques available online and some are high-paid courses that you can’t afford. So are you in need of a solution that is hassle-free?

Meditation guides productivity is one such solution. You can practice it in your home, at work, while walking on the streets, and elsewhere. Meditation course for happiness is an overwhelming, relative, and effective practice. It comes with different types but the outcome is one and the same. Primarily, to bring your focus to the present, allow you to control the emotions and feelings, and ultimately seek happiness.

Meditation Course Online – Types for You to Seek Happiness

  1. Mindfulness Meditation
  2. Transcendental Meditation
  3. Loving-kindness Meditation

Meditation Course Online – Types for You to Seek Happiness

There will be times when you pushed yourself to be happy but you did not last for long. However, you came back to the same baseline from where you initiated. This is because your state lacks consistency. Probably due to the belief that some are born happy and will stay that way for the rest of their lives. While others will be prone to sadness and misery. As per Time’s study, “not the good nor the bad events change your happiness levels for a consistent long-term”. Here, a mindfulness-based stress reduction online course is the game-changer.

Furthermore, mindfulness, transcendental, and loving-kindness meditation types are your long-term effective solutions. These have different practicing techniques with similar but distinctive benefits. Read on to broaden your knowledge.

1.   Mindfulness Meditation

The simplest and most popular type of meditation practice, mindfulness meditation drives you to stay in the present. During mindfulness, you not only discover happiness but also other inner capabilities that were long hidden under the sheets. Mindfulness allows you to accept these emotions without putting up judgments. After this, you can easily figure out which emotion to take along. Hence, an online mindfulness course is your hold-on-to solution.

Moving on, you can practice mindfulness anywhere; while walking, or sitting, laying down on the bed, or in your car. The exercise is simple, you direct all your focus to your breaths but don’t change the breathing pattern. Start small and concentrate on every part of your body one after the other. Initially, you can begin with a 7-10 minutes session and increase the duration later on.

2.   Transcendental Meditation

Mindfulness involves breathing while transcendental meditation is the spiritual type. However, the exercise is the same – sit somewhere quiet and breathe. The slight difference is that you will recite a mantra, word, or sentence. In a meditation course for happiness, the guide can provide you with a list of mantras. If none of them suits you, come up with your customized one. After this, repeat the verse over and over again until you enter the state of relaxation.

3.   Loving-kindness Meditation

This meditation has its popularity from Buddhism, however, it is now practiced globally due to its benefits. First, as the name implies, this meditation type helps you build a loving-kindness attitude. Secondly, it enhances your capacity for acceptance towards others. Thirdly, the exercise is simple; you just need to speak good loving phrases to yourself and carry out self-upbringing. This way it improves your body and enhances your mind. As per research, mindfulness reduces stress-triggered thoughts but loving-kindness meditation will go even ahead.

If you make meditation course for happiness’ practices a habit, it will help you notice the changes within you. Starting from increasing your happiness levels and retaining them for a longer time and improving your life quality. It makes you more compassionate because the words you recite to yourself become a part of yourself. Moreover, it increases the positive feelings while negating the negative ones. Prevailing happiness all the way.

Commonly Used Steps for All of the Previously Mentioned Meditation Types

  1. Select a peaceful and quiet place. Make sure there is less distraction around plus the place is relaxing.
  2. Pick a posture and sit while relaxing your backbone. Lower your chin and straighten your back.
  3. For all types, close your eyes and start by concentrating on your breathing pattern. Close your eyelids gradually.
  4. For transcendental and loving-kindness meditation, pick out words, phrases, or mantras to recite to yourself.
  5. Afterward, thoughts will cross your mind, don’t try to push them out rather accept them.
  6. Tell yourself that these are mere thoughts and do not portray who you are.
  7. Lose the grip of negative emotions and overcome them, this is your easy and hassle-free way to seek happiness.

In Closing

Are you up to experience and conquer happiness? Follow the above-mentioned steps and pick your desired type to get on the way. Online mindfulness skills course alongside all this will help you to seek happiness.

By Anurag Rathod

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