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Linkbuilding services are associated with search engine optimization, and it increases the quality and number of inbound links in a webpage. The primary goal of link building is to enhance the search engine rank of the particular website or the particular website.

Companies use Bloggeroutreach services to work with bloggers to create authentic content and promote their unique products in the market. It is one of the best guest posting services because when someone writes content for another company’s website, then with the help of link building, they can redirect users to the original company website.

How does Linkbuilding work?

Global popularity is a major factor in link building. Popular sites like Wikipedia appear at the top of most searches because of many website links attached to that page.

Local popularity is also an interesting factor here. It takes consideration of inbound links arriving from similar websites.

The third most important factor is anchor text. For example, suppose you have a jewelry shop and link ‘jewelry shop’ as the keyword in the anchor text. In that case, it automatically transmits a signal to other search engines that this webpage is a good source for collecting information on jewelry shops.

Link context is also of foremost importance here. You must relate the website topic directly to your context, and only then can the transition from another website to the company website be effortless.

The origin of the link matters the most in link building. When the links come from reputed sites, they demand more authority than the links we derive from commercial sites or personal blogs.

Linkbuilding myths that you must avoid this year

For beginners, getting confused with certain link-building myths is pretty standard. Some of these myths are newly generated, and some of these myths are trending in the market for a long time. The top 5 myths of link building that you must avoid in 2021 are;

1: Incorporation of links in Category and Product pages

So many people believe that it is impossible to build connections in product and category pages, which, let me tell you, is a myth. It is easily possible. You must research the product roundups of your industry at the news.

For example, suppose you have a boutique, and you want to launch a new winter collection. In that case, you must pitch your winter dress key term to fashion bloggers, fashion influencers, fashion web admins, and fashion writers out there. You will ask them to rank top 10 or top 5 winter dresses from your boutique so that their audience could view those items.

You can attach some high-resolution images and collaborate with the fashion web admins to make the article come alive. This is another way of linking building in product and category pages.

2: The Top-Tier News Sites provide no-follow links

It is another myth associated with link building. It is false because several companies out there proclaim that they occasionally receive links from top-tier news sites and different writers and journalists for various campaigns and other target audiences.

The primary way to avoid the no-follow links from top-tier news sites is to pitch your campaign plan well and be prepared for diverse cross-questions. Conduct thorough research on the companies or on the journalists you are going to pitch your project to and see if they do provide links or not.

You must give them a robust data visualization campaign, in short, a reason so that they are compelled to provide you with the following links.

3: Sending pitches only in the morning

The very sound of this myth is hilarious because great ideas can come anytime. Your pitch won’t be approved if you send it in the afternoon; no matter how great it is, it is entirely absurd.

What you can do here is thorough conduct research on the people to whom you are planning to send your pitch. Track their social media activities, identify when they are most active and when they reply to people’s comments, and based on that timetable, send your pitch.

Rather than in the morning, if you send your pitches in the afternoon, you will put yourself up against much less competition because most people believe in this myth, and they will send their pitches indeed in the morning.

4: Relevance is not everything

This is another common myth that is trending on social media widely nowadays. In the digital marketing world, certain people believe that if the link provided is a good and informative one, then whether it is relevant or not does matter so much.

Nonetheless, we will still consider it a myth. Suppose your provided link even shares a short snippet of information, but it is relevant to the context. In that case, it generates better views and traffic than thousands of relations containing much data, but much of them are irrelevant.

When brands publish high-quality, relevant links, only people can use that link and get back to the original domain.

5: Not being allowed to ask for a link

One of the most extended trending myths in the link-building genre is that you cannot ask for a link. However, in reality, you can ask for one.

The webmasters, writers, bloggers, or the publication houses who have followed your article are allowed to give you links if you ask them. If you don’t ask them, then maybe you can get a no-follow link, so that remains your fault if that happens.

Well, it is not true that if you ask for a link, you will certainly get one, but there is a 50% chance that you might get one, so it is a risk worth taking. However, instead of being controlling and pushy, just politely request them to give you one, and maybe you will get one.


However, in this article, we have discussed the most trending myths of link building that are even common in 2021. In the end, I would like to say that there are several other myths related to link building and are creating a lot of ambiguity in people. Hence, try to differentiate the myths from reality and get ready to build your successful digital campaign today.

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