Gojek Clone App

Why Application like Gojek is so successful? Why entrepreneurs are favoring this Super App’s business model? For all your Why’s we have the answers.

  1. Gojek application is a super app offering multiple services in one go.
  2. It eases the day-to-day hassles of the consumers from switching from one app to another
  3. Convenience at the fingertips – find everything here
  4. Quick secured payments

It is a one-stop shop that quickly produces money. Entrepreneurs that have already created a Gojek Clone App are updating it with special features and components to wow their competitors. Why not make consumer engagement the most notable accomplishment? Your app is already successful if you can draw users in.

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Dominate The On-demand World With Gojek Clone KingX Pro Components

These apps’ creation has altered the financial landscape. From grocery delivery to handyman services to hotel reservations to internet banking, they have taken over every sector of the economy. The availability of numerous apps for various on-demand services on Google suggests new business prospects. Imagine starting a company that offers everything.

With Gojek Clone KingX Pro’s seven new components, you’ll have an advantage over the competitors in this fierce market. In addition to being quickly launchable, it is highly customizable.

Buy, and Sell Real Estate

With the use of this module, your users may now publish any free real estate property needs they may have for purchasing and selling. Users can also buy premium plan packages to feature their posts, improve their visibility, and generate more leads.

Houses and villas, retail showrooms, farms, residential apartments, office buildings, serviced apartments, industrial buildings, industrial sheds, and residential land are all included in the real estate category. The administrator profits from the sales of the paid plan package using this strategy.

The categories for this component are dynamic. Using the Admin Panel, administrators can establish up to 10 Real Estate Categories.

Buy, Sell and Rent Cars

Your customers may publish a post of the cars they wish to sell or put it on rent. Buyers can locate the cars that best suit their needs by applying filters based on car models, usage, mileage, features, brand, and other factors. Because the buyer may quickly get in touch with the vendor for more information, there is no need to pay “Brokerage/commission” to the middlemen. The main benefit of this module is that users can advertise in the “Featured” area that they are looking to purchase, rent, or sell an automobile using the premium plan packages.

Your users will have access to the listing to make an informed choice by offering 10 distinct categories, including Hatchbacks, Luxury, Sedans, Cargo trucks, Mini SUVs, MUVs, Sports, and Convertibles. The classifications of this component are flexible. The Admin Panel in this part allows the app’s owner to add up to 10 Vehicles Categories. The categories of this component are flexible. The Admin Panel in this part allows the app’s owner to add up to 10 Vehicles Categories.

Buy, Sell, and Rent general items

This module is a valuable feature if you wish to purchase, sell, or rent a car. It does away with the obligation to pay a brokerage fee and the need for a middleman. The buyer and seller will get in touch to continue the conversation when the vendor posts their requirements.

The seller might take advantage of paid plan packages that enable them to publish their article in a well-liked category to draw more attention and quickly close the sale. The company’s revenue is greatly increased by these paid plan bundles.

The seller can list ads for their vehicles in the following categories: sedans, luxury, convertibles, MUVs, SUVs, freight trucks, sports, and hatchbacks in order to sell and rent them. Using the admin interface, the administrator can add up to 10 categories.



It is a peer-to-peer carpooling service that permits users to submit details about their travel arrangements, such as , date, time, destination, available seats, cost, and route per seat. If users want to travel to the same location, they must confirm by making an in-app purchase. Every seat that is reserved using the app earns you a commission. Car owners earn profit by being paid per seat.

Explore nearby businesses

This function is the most helpful for persons who are new to the area. It helps them to start businesses in that region, such as bookstores , cafes, nightclubs, bars, spas, retail stores, and salons.

This component’s categories are editable. As the app’s owner, you may therefore add up to 10 companies and services using the Admin Panel in this section. Your app will get more popular as more people use it to find their favorite nearby locations. Your app’s importance is increased thanks to the automatic ranking improvement.

Medical services

This module makes it simple for your consumers to get immediate medical help.

Your users will have access to a wide range of medical specialists, doorstep pharmacies, on-demand ambulance services, and quick access to your veterinarian and physiotherapist.

Users can use this function to set up Online Video Consultation appointments. Additionally, they can book on-demand medical appointments for walk-in clinics or in-person visit. The users can hassle-free pay for their appointments using their wallet or credit card to pay for the appointment after it has been set.

Get a competitive edge over the intensifying competition as this component is set to dominate the on-demand sector.

Track family members and employees

Your users/employers can now track their family members and employees during work hours on a real-time basis on Google Maps.

The app makes it simple to keep track of your family members and employees by displaying their LIVE Locations in Real Time. The business can track their employees while they are working or out in the field and find out where they are right now using Google Maps. The employees or family members can disable tracking to preserve their privacy.

Final Thoughts

The market situation right now seems favorable for on-demand apps. In the foreseeable future, it might potentially encroach into more recent industries. Yet it’s crucial to realize that starting an on-demand business is not simple. Apps that are available on demand have successfully shifted consumer trends and will continue to exist.

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By Anurag Rathod

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