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Kedarkantha Trek is one of the most popular Uttarakhand winter treks because of its relative ease and the delight of the trekker and the rookie’s ritual to cross. This journey overlooking the spectacular Himalayan peaks is covered with dazzling snow in the winter. It also provides hikers with the unique possibility of experiencing the lives of dead winter in farthest communities! The hike Kedarkantha offers the unbeaten beauty, beautiful sights on the settlement, on the wetlands, on the snow trails, and the beautiful panorama of lakes. The hike Kedarkantha offers also a great chance to see the beauty of the landscape. For mountain enthusiasts, the Kedarkantha journey is a great pleasure to explore the lands. This tour will begin as one of your greatest choices, as the path leads you through lush blue-pine forests which eventually open up a splendid perspective of the surrounding country. From December through April alpine meadows, coated in the cool winter snow. Kedarkantha is one of India’s best winter treks and remains accessible through winter. It is considered one of India’s best winter treks. The Kedarkantha Trek gives a unique opportunity to walk through snowy pathways and get a peek at life in the Montagnes even in the dead of winters. It is ideal for beginners or even experienced trekkers searching for a quick break.

Why visit Kedarkantha?

From December to April, Kedarkantha is blanketed with snow, making it one of Uttarakhand’s top winter hikes. The surrounding fields are blanketed with a white snow cover, which makes it a magnificent Uttarakhand walk. The winter photographs can also be viewed on Kedarkantha Trek. Kedarkantha, which lies on a height, is filled with snow and is one of the most beautiful winter treks in Uttarakhand offering a wonderful perspective of the skyline of the Himalayas. Experienced hikers would advise anyone somewhat new to the wilderness uncertainty but desire to undertake the journey in Kedarkantha. It is also one of the few visitor-friendly tours. Kedarkantha is an easy to moderate trek and is hence an excellent hike for amateur walkers or for rookie adventurers. Take advantage of the huge distant nature with expert professionals or qualified tourist guides. They would know how to deal with any difficulty with enormous experience under their belt. Make sure you are taking a nice camera with you as you may shoot pictures of snow-covered Himalayan peaks and green valleys with great opportunity. Kedarkantha’s dark, clear sky is also great for astrophotos and to capture the Milky Way.

Staying options in Kedarkantha

Since Kedarkantha is a renowned winter walk, this location is only visited by adventurous hikers. At Kedarkantha Summit or at Basic Camp, there are no hotels, resorts, or guesthouses. The walkers carry tents along the trail and camp when they stop throughout the night. There are also tents available for rent from the town near the base camp. In general, camping equipment is provided by trip companies. Sankri is the closest market or roadside. During the first and last nights of the walk, you can stay at Meraki Sankri Homestay). Nobody can discover a dhabas on the road to Kedarkantha because it’s a place unoccupied by people. Although some shacks open at 2 or 3 places a few months a year, you should not depend on them entirely. Trekkers take the food they bought at low altitudes, preferably before starting the tour or a trekking organization takes care of all your food throughout the trek.

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Travel route of Kedarkantha

The path that leads to Juda Ka Talab passes by gorgeous oak, birch, and deodar woodlands. Juda Ka Talab is one of Kedarkantha’s most popular attractions. In winter, while it is still fully frozen, it becomes even more prominent. After a nice breakfast in Sankri, the trek begins. The tour from Sankri to Juda Ka Talab takes about 3-4 hours. The instructors provide you information and recommendations on the adventure ahead. You will obtain your trekking equipment. The route goes up and down through the picturesque villages. This phase of the journey is one of the most interesting. The climb to Kedarkantha Base Camp from Juda Ka Talab crosses extreme slopes, dense pine, and oak forests. It’ll take roughly 3-4 hours for you to finish a distance of 4kms. For the night, you’re going to camp here. Base Camp Kedarkantha features one of the better campsites at an altitude of 3,430 m. There are beautiful vistas in each place. Enjoy sleeping under the fascinating skies. From here, the Milky Way is beautiful. At an altitude of 3,800 meters, the Kedarkantha summit looks astounding. In the square with Trishul pointing to the sky, the stones point to the peak. On top of the summit stands, along with a minor temple devoted to Lord Ganesha a lovely small temple dedicated to Shiva and Parvati. With an enjoyable view in front of you, your exhaustion is washed away. You will feel something entirely unworldly surrounded 360° by mountains.

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