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When Instagram was introduced 9 years back, nobody had any idea that this social media platform will change the lives of many. Emerged as a photo-sharing app, Instagram has now become a source of income for brands and content creators. It has been able to constantly maintain it’s loyal user base since its existence. Probably this is the reason why marketers are leveraging Instagram to bring a fair share of profits home. Today there’s not a single brand that doesn’t have an online presence on Instagram. All because of the opportunities and benefits offered by it.

The content that you see on Instagram is user-generated and there’s nothing wrong with saying that personification of the content is easier on Instagram as compared to any other social media platform. In the past few years, this social media app has experienced massive growth in terms of popularity. And the credit goes to its advanced features and tools like Shoppable Instagram, IGTV, Instagram Stories, Advanced Analytics, and more to drive traffic.

Do you too want to reach out to your audience in the most humane way possible? Then you know what you have to do.

Top Instagram Marketing Tools For Your Brand

Be it a well-established business, a small-sized one, or a startup, building an audience on this platform is extremely crucial. But how to employ Instagram marketing hassle-free? This brings us to the concept of social media aggregators out of which the best ones are mentioned below.

#1 TAGGBOX Widget

This new-age social media aggregator tool knows the importance of User-Generated Content and that is why ‘Taggbox’ is said to be the future of social media marketing. Be it customizing the content or moderating, Taggbox Widget allows you to experiment with a lot of advanced features that can curate eye-catchy feeds. Embed Instagram feeds on your website (via hashtag, handles, usernames) and builds brand trust by showcasing UGC in its most authentic form. The task of Taggbox doesn’t end here. It also provides insightful Analytics of your Instagram feed to check the number of clicks, visits, impressions, etc.


Considered to be another best platform for Instagram marketing, ‘Later’ helps you get more followers and engagement on Instagram. To make more sales, this platform also allows you to create a shoppable Instagram feed so that your followers can find the products. It is done by linking Instagram posts to product pages. To bring more excitement to you, Later also offers a free plan which can be used as long as you want.


There are times when you miss out on something very important while managing your social media accounts. And fabricating creative content could be one of them. But worry not, because ‘Buffer’ is here to help you out with that. This Instagram marketing tool takes your Insta engagement to the next level. This all happens as Buffer helps you drive sustainable engagement and high revenue on Instagram with high-quality content.

But Why Instagram Marketing?

Speaking of the current scenario, Instagram Marketing is not a whim anymore for the businesses. Why? Because of all the reasons that we are putting below. We would like you to have a look at them so that you feel more confident about Instagram Marketing for your brand.

You Can Be A Storyteller

Who doesn’t love storytelling? Unlike any other social media platform, Instagram has always embraced the art of Storytelling. Influencers and content creators have been rising in number because they can express themselves in any way they want via Instagram. This unconventional way of promotion has forced brands to depict their products instead of just focusing on selling them. And this how Instagram is benefitting the brands to generate revenue. Creative campaigns like #shareacoke are also a part of the storytelling art form and honestly, it is working great for the brands. Sooner or later you will experience the perks of storytelling on your business in terms of an increase in sales and audience engagement.

Visual Content Goldmine

Texts and images are fine but what visual content can do is something which nothing else could do. Besides that, visual content can turn heads and can leave a strong impact on the minds of the customers. And now when Instagram is loaded with visual content, why not leverage its power for your brand.

Useful Feedbacks

As a marketer, you must know what people are saying about your brand. In short, you just can’t ignore the feedback. And just like other social platforms, Instagram also allows you to get an insight of opinions and feedback posted by your potential customers. All the published feedback shows how they perceive your brand.

Reach a Larger Audience

Instagram reach is highly dependant on #hashtags. Why would it not as with the help of the relevant hashtag, brands can reach a specific audience. It is the best way to showcase your content in front of your audience. Also, make use of proper hashtags in case you are planning to create ads.


IG Marketing is the most essential factor in boosting revenue and driving sales. Now you must be clear about some of the benefits of Instagram Marketing and its tool and how they can do wonders for your business. These tools can breathe life to your boring and old-fashioned marketing tactics. It would be great if you’ll apply all the learning you have gained from this blog to reach all the marketing touchpoints.

By Anurag Rathod

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