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Implement Unique Version Features In Your Instacart Clone App To Boost Grocery Business

Implement Unique Version Features In Your Instacart Clone App To Boost Grocery Business

You want to develop an on-demand grocery delivery app like Instacart. Great! You have gathered all the facts and figures, with a business plan you are all set to launch your Instacart Clone App. But, there is the question here – How will you make your online grocery delivery app look different? What will you do to boost your grocery business? How will you stand ahead in the cutting-edge competition? The blog will answer these queries so that you can successfully launch your Instacart Clone App.

Zero Loss At Covid19 Outbreak – Launch Instacart Clone App

The lives of the people have changed drastically during the Pandemic outbreak.  Government across the world have restricted the citizen’s entry urging them not to go out unless necessary.  Thus, for this reason, the best alternative to shop for the daily essentials and groceries was an on-demand grocery delivery app. 

The fear of CORONAVIRUS has declined the demands in the other but not in the on-demand industry. This market has seen a rise in business during the pandemic. Since the majority of the consumers have turned online to buy their groceries. It makes a valid point to build an Instacart Clone App.

Business Revenue Strategies To Boost Your Grocery Business 

The kind of revenue strategies you will be implementing will have a huge impact on your grocery delivery business. Few sure shot ways keep your grocery delivery business brimming, bringing in more profits.

Commission from the grocers/vendors/suppliers 

For every confirmed order you will be charging a commission from your grocers on-board. This way you will have multiple income earnings through the app.

Subscription fee

It will small fee that you will be charging from your customers. This can be monthly/quarterly or annually. In exchange for this fee, providing your customers with VIP services like exclusive offers, free home delivery, etc.

Order cancellation charges

For some reason, your customer who cancels the order which is already in the dispatch state can be charged cancellation charges. 

Delivery charges

Charge a commission from your delivery drivers for carrying out confirmed orders. 

Subscription from the vendors/grocers

You can charge a basic fee from the vendor/suppliers/grocers who wish to list themselves on your on-demand grocery delivery app. This can be monthly/annually as to how you feel like charging to them.

3rd party ad banners

You can earn from the promotional ads of the 3rd parties, that you run on your app’s home page. These are sponsorship ads from where you can boost your revenue in huge.

New Version 2021 Features For Instacart Clone App

The Instacart Clone App makes grocery shopping easy for the customers along with the appreneurs. The admin dashboard panel enables them to provide a 360-degree view of the entire business operations. Inherit the following unique features in your Instacart Clone App 2021 to boost your business profits:

Store wise commission

This allows you to set different commission rates for every store

Daywise separate time slots

In some countries, the weekends are different. Also, due to the pandemic, there is a curfew for which the timings keep changing.  Thus, this feature allows the grocers to modify their timing suiting their business arrangements.

Item name searching/store searching

The feature enables the user to quickly search the store as well as grocery items to add to the cart.

Voice instructions for the delivery drivers

It allows the user to put voice note instructions for the delivery drivers for any specific regarding delivery such as Parking instruction, delivering at the doorstep, etc.

Order cancelation option for delivery drivers

The delivery drivers ……………have the flexibility to cancel the orders in case if they are unable to carry them due to unfavorable situations.

Graphical icon order status

The feature provides your users with real-time order status in the graphical form through in-app notifications.


It enables you to launch your Instacart Clone App regardless of geographical location. The app comes in-built with 10 different languages and currencies other than USD and English.

Low prices and offers

Offering hefty discounts and deals regularly can lure your customer, thus keep them glued to your grocery delivery app. This way they will shop for more groceries. More groceries means more business.

In Conclusion

To develop Instacart Clone App, approach an app development company that offers you with 100% customizable white-label solution suiting your business arrangements. Having built a scalable solution can come with a wide range of benefits at an economical price. Also, the app development company assures you to offer a user-friendly UI helping you to improve your user engagement as well as retain your old customers.

As every entrepreneur wishes to develop an app like Instacart, it takes good research, unique features, and seamless functionality to reach there. Developing an Instacart clone script solution by hiring a professional app development company can help you boost your business to a great extent.

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