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Traveling can be really fun if it is done in the right way. There are certain things that most people avoid while traveling and most of these things are related to your luggage. If you are not packing the right things and you don’t know the place that you are going to visit then there are going to be some serious issues with your traveling.

You have to focus on things that can help in improving the experience of your traveling. If you are not packing the right things then you will just turn off your mood by not having the right things in your backpack.

There are different types of traveling that you can do. Hiking, long or short tours. It all depends on your area and the time you want to spend on a vacation. If you are on a tour or hiking then keeping a pack of bone broth, canned fish, and frozen veggies will help you a lot. These are some of the foods that you can take anywhere with you and are easily consumable.

There is one thing that I can say for sure, you can never travel on an empty stomach. It will just increase your mood swings to some other level. So, keeping easy to consume foods in your bag will help a lot. The following are some of the major things that you should keep in your mind and of course your bag as well.


Now, this is something that can vary from people to people. What is important for you might not be important for someone else. This is why you should be focused on things on a broader term. Things that are mutually important. There are certain things that you will require again and again on a short or long tour. I will mention all of those things below and try to keep them in your bag next time you go for a solo or family vacation.


This is something that most people tend to ignore while going on a tour. I have seen many people who complain about running out of memory and this can be dealt if you keep an extra slot of memory with you.

There are different types of memory cards that you can keep with you, keeping an external drive will help as well so that you can store all your data in them. This way even if you lose your memory card you won’t have to worry about it.


There is one obvious thing that you will visit a place where you will run out of battery. This is something that happens to most of us and if you are not careful enough it can land you in some trouble if you are stuck in some dangerous situation. Keeping an extra pair of batteries will help you a lot in various different situations.

If you have a digital camera or mobile phone, when we go on long tours we usually take pictures that can be a part of our memories. Running out of battery or memory in such a situation is really something that can be a turn-off.


Try to keep all your documents complete if you want to have safe travels. You will never know what trouble lies ahead and what you might need during your journey. Visiting another country has its pros and cons. There are certain countries that are quite strict with their security and this is why you should keep all your documents with yourself.


Keep a set of tools in your car or the bag so that if you run into some dangerous situation then you have all the tools that can help to get out of such a situation. I have heard many situations where your car can break down at a place where no one is there to help you and in this case, you have to be very careful and keep all the tools with you all the time in your car.


If you are visiting a country that is unknown to you and it’s the first time that you are visiting that country then don’t forget to hire a guide that can help you with the traveling at that place and also help in improving your traveling experience by taking you to the important places of that country.


These are some of the most important things that you should pack while going on long or short tours. You can also go hiking by taking the right things with you. As I mentioned before, keeping a set of premade food is really important for you. Collagen peptides, bone broth, canned fish, and veggies are some of the foods that you can keep in your bag. Apart from that do keep ample water and other tools that can come in handy. Happy traveling.

By Anurag Rathod

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