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The grocery industry is being disrupted, with stores across the US losing business to online grocery retailers. Despite the high number of competitors in this industry, Instacart is still one of the top companies, delivering groceries for more than 150 million customers. They also have access to over 700 brands and 45,000 products. But building a successful grocery delivery app isn’t easy. Read on to find out how we’re doing it!

How We’re Building the Best Grocery Delivery App in 2021

It’s the most inconvenient part of your day. We know this sucks, which is why we’re building our grocery delivery app with you in mind.

Creating the best grocery delivery app in 2021 with Instacart clone

We have seen the grocery shopping experience change dramatically over the last few years. In addition, we know that Instacart has been running a business for a number of years and has been delivering groceries to customers from all around the world.

You have learnt this art and came up with our unique solution for the Instacart clone.

Designing an amazing user experience

With focus, passion, and a deep understanding of mobile user behavior, personalization, design, and the larger mobile commerce landscape, SmartCart is focused on designing an experience that is both amazing for shoppers and profitable for retailers.

User Journey of the grocery delivery app

There are four steps that our grocery delivery app will take in order to deliver the best service possible.

First, we want to make sure that we connect with the customer and that we deliver a personal and friendly experience.

Next, we need an easy way for the customer to find what they need from their favorite stores.

Third, we need to have dependable delivery options so customers can get what they need when they want it.

Fourth, our on demand app needs to be accessible for all devices so people can buy what they need on their phone or through a web browser while they’re at work or on the go

Developing an iOS app

In order to support this, we’ve been developing an iOS app that will allow users to order from our stores and have their groceries delivered by one of our drivers.

Developing an Android app

Mobile shopping has changed the way consumers live. Most of our lives happen on a small screen, thanks to apps and mobile websites. It’s up to us to create a customer-friendly experience that’s tailored specifically for the needs of consumers using their phones.

Developing a web app

The grocery delivery space is getting pretty crowded. There’s Amazon Fresh, Walmart to Go, Kroger ClickList, and countless other apps popping up in recent years. 

But, still you can start at your local community with your apps and your grocery store and run your Instacart clone app successfully.


It is hard to imagine what it would have been like if the team behind Instacart had not made the decision to pivot. Their success has helped shape some of the modern grocery delivery companies that are popping up everywhere and has made us reflect on where we want to be ten years from now.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.