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Best Academic Writing UK is a daily activity carried out by students from the USA, the UK and around the world during their university courses. However, this task is not the easiest, especially for beginners who have never had experience with academic writing in English before entering college.

The language and structure of academic writing are different from every day. In addition, students often find it difficult to adapt to formatting and reference requirements that may differ for different subjects.

1. Keep your structure clean

The first and most obvious tip for writing essays is to pay close attention to their structure. Many professional academic writers create an outline before they actually start writing, and it is a habit that can be helpful to students as well.

Therefore, a summary of thoughts, reasons, and objections to the essay can help students formulate their ideas and shape the future document in their minds.

The standard essay consists of the following parts and almost everyone who has written documents is familiar with them:

  • A brief introduction.
  • A paragraph with the first argument.
  • A paragraph with another argument.
  • Do not hesitate to add as many paragraphs as you have arguments.
  • A conclusion that provides an overview of the body of the essay.

However, it is easier to talk to them than to follow them perfectly while writing an essay. For example, many arguments can be crossed and it would be more convenient to put them one after the other.

However, this approach is not safe because the reader may be less familiar with the subject and lose their reciprocal connection. As a result, these arguments would look like a mixture of separate fragments of thoughts about them. The simplest rule to remember to improve the structure of your writing is “one statement per paragraph”. 

2. Avoid avoiding the main topic

This advice is quite obvious, but many students who are trying out academic writing from scratch for the first time still do. The desire to impress the reader with your erudition is understandable, especially if the subject matter is wide, but unnecessary information can make the final impression of the essay worse.

3. Choose your sources carefully

Obviously, this tip is not useful for reflective writing where the only completely reliable source is the author. However, this work can occur relatively less frequently than where the student needs to study other people’s research and formulate his or her own opinion on the subject.

The internet and libraries provide access to a wealth of information, but it would not be so easy to choose sources that are worth the time you spent reading.

However, you can choose faster if you can evaluate the reliability of the source in advance. Suitable source types for most essays are:

Research articles from peer-reviewed journals.

  • Professional literature, such as textbooks or monographs.
  • Articles and reviews from reputable media that have a high reputation, preferably world-renowned.
  • Statistics and information from international organizations, such as UNESCO or the WHO.

The main similar feature of the sources listed below is their reliability. In particular, they usually provide top quality, reliable information from the expert and select them based on professional standards of scientific research or journalism, respectively.

Since there is no need for prior vocational training before creating a promotional article or blog post, an unreliable service can provide outdated or questionable data or misinterpret it for marketing purposes, so it is more helpful to keep it reliable.

4. Check the formatting 

It’s the dullest part of writing essays, but it’s the last, and the end of the road is near. So, it is better not to miss it because the correct reporting and formatting can significantly affect the final grade and you can check it again using a specialized website.

The first reason teachers’ pay attention to them is that formatting enhances readability and makes it easier to understand the document being written. When the citation style, header format, or other factors are constantly changing, it attracts extra attention and the reader’s concentration on the text decreases.

Obviously, if we do not destroy it we will improve the impression from the text. The second reason to be careful when checking formatting is because it is good attention training. Basically, teachers can test a student’s ability to read the homework carefully and follow the instructions given to him / her.

Since adhering to certain professional or professional writing standards can be an inevitable part of a person’s life, it is a good idea to start training in advance. In fact, a slightly lower grade is the worst thing that can happen to an improperly formatted college essay, and the stacks in the company can be significantly higher.

Like many other activities, Dissertation writing service is a skill that is easy to learn but difficult to master. Therefore, the most important factors to consider when writing your essay should be its structure, the focus of the topic, the choice of sources and the formatting.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.