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Emails are one of the effective approaches for generating ROI. There is no payment and algorithm needed in sending them. Unbelievingly, it has a user base of approximately 4 million and stays ahead in the marketing channel. There are several B2B businesses that leverage it to track the number of email clicks and to know the email open rate. However, the fact is that email opening is not sufficient. Do you know the link they have opened? Do you know if the user is engaged with your brand already?  Is there any idea where they have landed? So, to get an idea of these queries, email tracking is essential. It lets you examine the bottom-line and growing results. 

Understand-email data is invaluable! There are many solutions available that enable you to capture the overall time spent on the pages, clicks, and if they will purchase from you or not. This data confirms whom you to approach as lead so that converting them to customers is assured. Here, lead management software plays an important role. Businesses can use it to keep a tab on lead details from one database, hence, simplifying the process.  Additionally, the solution gives you insights into when the user clicks on the link, opens the email and checks the attachments. To make more acquainted with email tracking and how it is helpful in business, this guide is helpful! 

What is Email Tracking? 

It is the data that displays how and when the users are communicating with the sent emails.  The method possesses, attachment opens, click rates,  open rates, etc. We cannot say that it is accessible in the basic email system. There are several businesses that are following sales, customer relationship management and other email marketing systems also. These types of solutions give enough important details to salespeople, marketers and business people. Check out below to know what you can find out with an appropriate email tracking system:

  • Email opens
  • Email bounces
  • Email link clicks 
  • Email unsubscribes
  • Emails marked as spam
  • Time of day when the mail is opened
  • Number of times the mail is opened
  • Responses to your email
  • Emails converted to spam
  • The device of opening email
  • Location and IP address of user

How is email tracking beneficial?

Finds out email marketing quality

Does not matter if you are a marketer, salesperson or business owner, knowing the quality of emails is not easy. You cannot find out if it has been converted to spam or not.  Here, with the email tracking, you can check out unsubscribers and spams and accordingly, work on it. In addition,  carry out A/B testing if no user is opening the email and amend them with appealing subject lines.

Precise Follow-Ups

When an email is sent to the users, there are many reasons that they have reverted to it. The metrics of email tracking systems such as attachment download tracking and click-tracking let you calculate the interest rate of the prospect and then, you can start follow-up. From an authentic follow-up, the chances of getting replies improves. It is said that with targeted personalization, there is an increase in the customer engagement rate.

Knowing Prospects

From email tracking, understanding email users becomes easy. You might get the prospect of email opening, however, you cannot get reverted till late. This data lets you be quicker for follow-ups as now you have an idea of the time they can communicate.

Knowing Prospects

From email tracking, understanding email users becomes easy. You might get the prospect of email opening, however, you cannot get reverted till late. This data lets you be quicker for follow-ups as now you have an idea of the time they can communicate.

Understand hot leads

Opening the email is one thing, however, opening it five times is another. If there is any prospect who is opening the mail number of times, apparently they are interested. There are chances that they are looking for another email from your end for further information. This is who we call the hot lead. The lead management software assures who are the hot leads and hence, you can make them prior to your list.

Ways of business growth with email tracking

The best thing about email tracking is that it gives outcomes in real-time. This allows you to decide on-spot the further actions.  However, it enhances the possibilities of closing a deal, starting a conversation or scheduling a meeting.  In addition to finding which user has opened the email, you can also know when they have opened it, from where and which device they have used, and if they have clicked on the links to the custom quote, landing page or sales deck.

Start communication

Approach the recipient and start interacting with them. If you will work on it and will not send the first mail, then, you will not have information to work on. Enhance the chances of receiving a reply and optimize the emails. It has to be short, related, have a concise and clear CTA and if possible, personalize it. 

Give priority to actions

There is a possibility that you do not have much time to take action. But, it is never too late till it is not done. The email tracking assures that the time you have is efficient to give priority to hot leads. The system gives you an insight into the leads that are interested in your emails. Those who are opening them a number of times are engaged and getting follow-up from them is worth it. 

Follow-ups optimization

From email tracking, you can send useful follow-ups to the users. Getting follow-up from an email that is opened cannot be compared with the one that is not even touched once.  You can fix a custom cadence for sending detailed emails. It should be according to the last email you sent which was replied to, or if you clicked a link. If the email is opened and the user is interacting it with, then, amend it with a more attractive follow-up.

Filter the list

If your data is stale now, then, update it. There could be a number of reasons for it. We advise you to update or filter the list for precise reporting. Do not include those who have never opened the email. Either delete them and send the last email of “goodbye” that confirms that there will be no message from your end now. 

Concluding Remarks

Email tracking adds predictability and offers the required data. The data is helpful in locking leads and generating business. However, it does not let uncertainty happen and let you work efficiently and effectively. 

Have you practiced it before? How is your experience? Let us know below in the comment section!

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