Child’s Teeth

Some parents wonder how to take care of their children’s teeth. These are quite pressing concerns. For example, at what age should youngsters start to brush their teeth? Or, when should you bring your child to the dentist? To dispel your fears, seek professional dental guidance for toddlers.

Importance of Toddler’s Teeth

  Sound dental health requires regular teeth-cleaning practice. Following this routine can keep your children’s teeth free from decay. Likewise, you should understand that baby teeth are important to babies and tots. The dentist will explain that the first teeth are essential so a toddler can talk and chew food. That’s why parents should take their children to the dentist at an earlier age. Starting these visits early will help your kids get used to the dental clinic’s atmosphere.

Common Dental Problems in Toddlers

  Parents also worry about dental conditions that often affect their kids. Therefore, it will help if you understand the most common dental ailments, reasons these affect kids, and prevention techniques.

  1. Tooth Decay – This is among the most common recurring illnesses in children. Bacteria (known as plaque) cause decaying teeth. It permanently piles up on the mouth and teeth. Plaque produces acids and destroys the teeth’s enamel.
  2. Bad Breath – It is common among adults and kids. Again, bacteria that come from leftover foods, fluids, and plaque causes bad breath.
  3. Sensitive Teeth – Children with sensitive teeth can experience pain, irritation, and discomfort because of hot and cold food and beverages.
  4. Thumb Sucking – Sucking of thumbs is a common mannerism of toddlers. However, consult a dentist if this habit continues once permanent teeth begin to come out.
  5. Gum disease – Also called Gingivitis, this refers to the swelling of gum tissues caused by lack of dental hygiene. Eventually, it can damage bones and lead to tooth loss.
  6. Teeth Grinding – School-age children usually grind or grit their teeth. There are different reasons like top teeth not aligned with the bottom teeth, feeling pain, or being stressed.
  7. Canker Sores – These refer to small sores or ulcers that form inside the child’s mouth. Kids with canker sores make it difficult for them to eat and drink.
  8. Teeth Loss – Loss of teeth is normal for toddlers. It is one of the stages of development.
  9. Over-Retained Primary Teeth – It may happen that the primary tooth does not loosen. This causes the permanent tooth to emerge in the same area. The dentist must remove this to allow the permanent tooth to develop.
  10. Dental Anxiety – Dental checkups can frighten the toddler. Parents and the dentist must help create a positive experience for children inside the dental clinic.

How to Take Care of Toddler’s Teeth

 To prevent kids’ dental problems from getting worse, here are some tips for parents.

  1. Brush Two Times Daily – Kids must brush their teeth in the morning and at night. For babies, just wipe their gums with a wet pad. For those less than three years, the toothpaste should be the size of rice grain. Brush all sides of the teeth for at least 2 minutes.
  2. Clean the Toddler’s Teeth every day – Clean spaces between the teeth and beneath the gums to remove food particles.
  3. Watch the Toddler’s Diet – Toddlers should avoid eating food and beverages with too much sugar. These can lead to weak teeth and risk of cavities.
  4. Visit a Pediatric Dentist – Bring your child to a Coventry dentist. Ideally, checkups should be before the child turns one year, before starting school, and once each year.
  5. Ask about Sealants from the Pediatric Dentist – The sealant refers to the special coating as protection against cavities.
  6. Ask the Pediatric Dentist about Fluoride Treatment – A pediatric dentist can perform fluoride treatment on top and at the sides of the child’s teeth.

Follow these dental tips, and you will surely avoid bigger problems in the future.

By Anurag Rathod

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