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When two people fall in love, they always want to spend their whole life together and turn their love life into a successful family life. But some people have problems for irrelevant reasons. Problems in a relationship are common, but sometimes these inter caste marriage problems become so big that neither can solve them independently. For that, you often have to choose a solution to marital problems because you don’t want to be hurt by your partner anymore. A marriage specialist or a love marriage specialist can help.

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Society plays a major role when it comes to inter caste marriage problems

In most cases, parents have no problem, then society interferes in our lives, and what do we think about the fact that many inter-box marriages go into a critical state. You have no other choice, you also lose your partner, but sometimes you are looking for someone else. We have no funds. From whom can we get a partner, huh?

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What houses and planets to consider when you want to counter inter caste marriage problems?

Marriage outside of race, religion, and caste is still not well received in our society. There was rejection from a close family. Moreover, in India, marriage is not performed between a couple but between two families. Thus, parents look for a son-in-law/daughter-in-law who fits into their family and customs. These are some of the factors that people see to eradicate any Doshas:

  • Jupiter: marriage identifier for the woman
  • Venus: marriage sign for men
  • Saturn / Rahu / Ketu: They are separate planets
  • 5th house: showing mentality and love relationship
  • Seven houses: wedding house
  • 9th house: shows the religion and fate of the locals

inter caste marriage astrology for cross-caste/religious marriages:

  • If Saturn / Rahu / Ketu influences Venus in the male horoscope, inter-caste / creed marriage is possible.
  • Jupiter, influenced by Saturn / Rahu / Ketu, denotes marriage of outer caste/faith in the female horoscope.
  • Saturn influences the date 5/7. The house increases the chances of marriage through outside caste/belief.
  • Saturn, placed in the 5th house, increases the chances of getting married from an external caste.
  • 9th house influenced by 6th house / 8 / 12 and additional 9th ​​house influenced by Saturn / Rahu / Ketu.
  • The 7th house/lord, associated with Rahu/Ketu or a weak planet, denotes inter-group marriage.

The taboos that include inter caste marriage problem

Many parents feel uncomfortable when their children enter into caste and interfaith marriages. They believe that every caste and religion has its own culture, customs, and traditions, and marriage, which in India is considered a sacred long-term relationship, can be maintained if the customs and thoughts of the couple are in harmony.

But the children of the next generation have a modern outlook and think little of customs and traditions when choosing a mate. It has its advantages and disadvantages. With the help of Vedic astrology, it is easy to understand whether there is a trend of inter-player marriage in the horoscopes of the local people or not.

The necessary planetary combinations to tackle inter caste marriage problem

In the horoscope, the 7th house of the native is considered the husband’s house, marriage, and married life, the 2nd house and it’s master represents the family, and the 12th house and its master represent the joy of the bed. The 7th house, the 7th lord, and the planet Venus represent women in the male horoscope. The 7th house, the 7th lord, and the planet Jupiter represent the husband in the female horoscope. The 9th house, the 9th God, and the planet Jupiter mean religion. When these houses and their masters are exposed to dangerous planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and Mars, the locals can marry outside their caste and religion.

Navamsa chart analysis is also important for predicting inter caste marriage because Navamsa charts tell everything about couples in local people’s lives. When Lord Navamsa is associated with benevolent planets, marriages are performed with upper-caste men. When Lord Navamsa is affected by evil planets, marriages can take place between people of different castes. If the Navamsa Ruler is the same as your ruler, the marriage usually occurs in the same caste.

Know the positions of the houses and planets to avoid inter caste marriage problem

Here are some of the necessary positions that may help you in your quest to achieve your loved ones:

  • The 7th house aspect of Rahu and his lord.
  • Location of Venus and Rahu in the 6th and 11th houses
  • Moon and Mars at position 6-8
  • Mars and Venus at positions 2-12
  • The 7th encounter of Mars and God, as seen from Venus
  • The meeting of Saturn and God 7th in the 12th house
  • An evil planetary aspect in the 7th house, its lord and Jupiter.

Keep a close eye on the important factors that may lead to inter caste marriage problem

Here are some of the factors that people consider to avoid inter caste marriage problems:

  • The ruler of Lagna has a certain relationship with the 5th and 7th houses or their masters.
  • The 7th and 9th hosts in the 7th house indicate a love marriage.
  • The Moon and Venus in the 7th house indicate a love/marriage relationship.
  • Any relationship between the 5th and 7th masters by chance, reciprocal aspect, or exchange of houses indicates an intercaste marriage in horoscope. When Rahu is an aspect of Venus or Jupiter, it indicates a love affair.
  • The meeting of Mars and Venus in houses 5, 7, 9, or 11 indicates a love affair.
  • When Mars collapses or is flanked by Rahu or Saturn, it leads to a love affair.
  • If the 7th house or its master is connected or viewed from Saturn, this indicates a love affair.
  • When Mars and the 7th God are aspects of or connected with Saturn, it denotes a love marriage.
  • Rahu, by chance or aspects of Mars, then leads to a love affair.

Rahu plays an important role in caste love and marriage. When Rahu influences the 5th house and 5th lord, the relationship lasts a long time and ends in marriage. If Rahu is affected or weakened, the relationship can end unexpectedly.

Get amazing solutions to your inter caste marriage problem

Amazing solutions from our highly educated and innovative fortune-tellers worldwide for intercaste love marriage problems handling all of the above cases expertly to help troubled people. All kinds of problems, annoyances, obstacles, and misfortunes resulting from a peaceful and thriving love relationship or a harmonious and promising intercaste love marriage between castes are soothed, reduced, or eliminated by its ingenious and safe astrological solutions. To offer a solution, it takes the cases and situations mentioned above into account and performs one or all of the following tasks:

  • That makes the seventh host fair and strong wherever he is.
  • This allows the houses above to receive only good and positive influences from the nine planets.
  • It is advisable to reduce and eliminate the bad and destructive influence of the evil planets in these houses and throughout the natal chart of the person concerned.
  • It naturally makes a benevolent planet virtuous, auspicious, and powerful.

And it cancels out the harmful effects of disturbing or destructive astrological doshas or yogas, such as Mangal Dosha, Kaal Sarpa Yoga, and Yoga, which arise during the transitional movements of different planets.

Of course, an effective solution would be enhanced by suitable gemstones, astrological yantras, softening/removing doshas/yoga, and suggestions to worship certain gods or make certain donations.

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