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The Apple store has 3.6 million Apps available for download in 2022. However, submitting an iOS app on Apple Store is inevitable for app developers, and it’s not as simple as posting a picture to Gram to submit App to Apple Store.

Apple pays close attention to its marketplace than any mobile app market in the competition. So having your app on iOS speaks a lot about your brand credibility and quality assurance since the app store guidelines are very particular and subjective about which apps get approved and which apps to reject.

Before starting to submit your iOS application to the apple store, you must need to understand that your app should be unique and innovative. You must build an app that gets your spot on the Apple store. However, it is not difficult to submit an app to the Apple play store as it only requires some rules and guidelines created by Apple.

Can I upload apps to the Apple Store for free?

No! To upload an app on the App Store, you must enroll in the Apple Developer Program. Becoming an Apple Developer is free, but this won’t enable you to submit free. The annual price is $99, and this is the only fee you need to pay to publish the app. You can upload countless apps on the Store, as the annual fee stays the same.

You have access to the tools and libraries created by Apple, but you need to join the program to submit apps to the app store. Also, you need to make sure that the app has the latest abilities in iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS with the help of a mobile application Development Company so you can deliver your most creative apps yet to users worldwide.

Steps to Submit an iOS App in Apple’s App Store

Before submitting an app, you should have login as an Apple Developer to get access on the way to the App Store. Creating an id as an apple developer is free, but submitting to the app store would charge $99.

So, if you don’t yet have an Apple Developer account, visit the Apple Developer Site and click on the upper right to create one.

The tip of the iceberg: – If you have already an Apple ID, you aren’t suggested to create new one if you have professional one. So, keep in mind that you have different IDs to keep your personal and professional lives separate.

1.     Create an Apple ID (In case don’t)

Click on the Apple Developer Site to start the process of creating a new Apple ID in case you don’t have one. After clicking on account, you will redirect to create your Apple ID page, and you are asked to submit an email, password, and security info.

You are suggested to fill out an email you frequently use because Apple sends regular updates on the program and status of apps you’ve uploaded for approval. You have to complete all the security questions and Captcha prompt to finish registration.

Click on continue and check the email account you registered to receive an email. By email, you will get a verification code to process further steps. After entering the code and clicking on continue, you will have an Apple developer ID.

Now sign on developer site with the ID you have to go ahead. The next step will be the legal agreement, and that’s a great idea to have a secure platform for your app. When you are done with verification, you are now an Apple Developer. Yes, you have access to the libraries and tools, but you need to join a paid program before submitting apps.

2.     Join Paid Program

Register to Apple’s paid program and pay for a yearly subscription. The program’s cost is $99 per year, and you can easily access cutting-edge apple tools that can help you create helpful and engaging user experiences. For instant, you can integrate Apple Pay into your app, enable your app to store data in iCloud.

3.     Explore App Store Connect

Once you sign up for the Apple developer program and get verified, you will access App Store connect. App Store Connect is a simple dashboard where developers can manage and distribute their apps and legal agreements, entering tax and banking info with financial reports.

It’s easier for one who has joined the developer program to get quick access to Apple Store connects. Undoubtedly, like the android play store, they can invite apple users to join and access the section.

4.     Collect Information required to upload app

It’s now time to prepare your App Store homepage once the account has been created. All the necessary things must be prepared beforehand so that the process will be smooth.

You need to make sure about the information to complete the process. Information could be a logo or icon, screenshots, and metadata.

5.     Upload the app

Now, you need your iTunes developer account to upload an app. Once all necessary information has been entered in iTunes Connect, you can upload your app on the Apple member account and apple development tools such as Xcode or Application Loader.

To prepare a build for your app, you have to create a few crucial things available until your app remains in the App store.

Enter code signing

Code signing is an important step you submit your app to the app store. It ensures that your app is best to use and hasn’t been tweaked.

Integrate bundle ID

You will create a unique ID to register, modify, and delete. Having a unique or bundle ID will help you connect to third-party services offered by Apple like in-purchases and Apple Pay.

When does Apple approve an app?

Now you are ready to upload your app but want to know how long it takes your app to get approved. The average application is reviewed in one day, and more than 90% in one or two days.

If your app isn’t reviewed in two days, review times may be further delayed, or your app may be rejected. If your app is verified, you will be notified when its status is updated.

These points would help submit the iOS app on Apple App Store. iPhone mobile app development needs technical expertise, which can be arduous. Similarly, publishing an app can be interesting and nerve-wracking for a newbie. You can come back to this guide if you get stuck at any point during the iOS app submission process.

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