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As a result of the pandemic, the world has changed in every sense. We can just predict for the current tomorrow what will happen Yet, with 100% guarantee, nobody can tell that this is going to happen.

Since the time Coronavirus began assaulting the existence of individuals, it has forced people to lock themselves inside their home, however it has additionally changed the lifestyle, work styles and so much more. But for marketers, the prediction is to become digital marketing strategies more empathetic than ever.

No wonder, marketing is a powerful tool. It has another level of influence on people where they are helping customers to trust and meet the brands of their needs and making things more delightful for them. But planning for budget and marketing strategies for businesses in 2021 is quite a complicated thing. In 2020, it was expected that budget changes are short-term but as we still are facing this uncertainty, many companies are now thinking twice before planning their budgets for marketing strategies.

Let us now have a look on key pointers to plan your 2021 budget for marketing strategies.

#1 planning for a budget is always a tricky concept. Depending on your monthly profit, you can break down your marketing budget according to the requirements. Establish a sales funnel because it will help you in the process where the audience will go through a phase of becoming a paying customer and also will assist you in seeing where the digital marketing strategy is required for your business. Keep an eye on your sales cycle because this will make you understand about your required budget for marketing. This will not only help you in saving but also will give you the clear idea of where and how much to invest.

#2 if you don’t have any clear idea about planning your marketing budget then start looking at outside costs. Once you will know about each and every spending on operational costs, employing the staff, costs for running your business, infrastructure of your company, it will become easier for you to allocate for further marketing needs. Before investing in any further service you must consider all the above costs while planning for a marketing budget and keep your return on investment in mind.

#3 what you want to achieve and in what span you are going to reach your goal is also part of planning your budget because ultimately budget is the reason in the businesses that helps in accomplishing goals. Your target can be to increase brand awareness, to drive more user traffic, to earn more sales etc. so make sure your goals are specific and smart and easily achievable. Always keep in mind tough things take time and if your goal is short-term then don’t plan for long-term things.

For example, Arjun is expecting to increase the sale of his company by 70% by the end of 2021. This states that Arjun knows what he wants to achieve and he can easily measure his goal.

By calculating all the money your goals require, you can plan your marketing budget properly to invest in appropriate strategies that can grow your business.

#4 Are you in a good shape in your market? Can you spend larger amounts in planning your marketing budget? If you know the answers, you can decide which strategy needs more attention at the moment to make your business gain more reach and visibility. Marketing competitors should also be a part of consideration. There is a need to analyse the performance of your rival company so you can choose the right kind of strategy to compete with them.

#5 There are various digital marketing strategies which are available to expand your business, to make your business visible and valuable among users, to sell more products and services, to be on the top of the search engine etc. If you know how and what your business is going to target, then plan your strategies wisely which fits best for your business.

#6 There is also a need to check on the costing of strategies and find the right person to execute those strategies to run your campaigns. If you are relying on a secondary person to handle your digital marketing services, then do a research and get an idea of how much it will cost you  on a monthly basis and then plan your budget accordingly.


Businesses require a budget to run and if you are in need to plan your budget wisely, then break your costing into different sectors so that you can clearly divide costing according to your need and budget. Once you will get all the data from different sections of your business that requires the flow of money, you will then know how to prepare a marketing budget in a better way. You can also start learning how much your business budget should be according to your business performance and if you want to have knowledge about this then start your Digital marketing training today.

About the Author – Gaurav Heera is a Digital Marketing strategist with ten years of consulting & training experience. He has worked with major brands such as, also known as best & affordable digital marketing institute in Delhi.

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