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Why should marketers wish to boost Instagram engagement? Because Instagram is the busiest and massive social media network with over a billion active users every month worldwide. Not only does acquiring a vast audience bring it a perfect marketing network, but it also promotes visual-oriented marketing, which is a crucial factor.

Marketers who upload visualized content frequently grab high engagement and visibility within a short time. It’s mainly because users on social media like to engage and share visual content. Now, how do you explore your content in the crowded and visualized network? Here are the working tips to boost the engagement rate for your brand on Instagram. Let’s jump in.

Simple Tips To Boost Instagram Engagement

     Utilize Hashtags

Don’t underestimate the power of Instagram hashtags. The perfect hashtags on the platform help you to grow more and attain the target people on Instagram. Generally, your hashtags want to be related to your posts, products, brand, and the message you will convey.

There are many online free tools to choose the right hashtags for your niche and brand. Finding out the right hashtags is an essential factor to boost Instagram engagement.

     Announce Giveaway Contests

The best comments are when a user tags their friends. Those comments bring real engagement; additionally, they grab new users into the conversation. With your great content, you have a perfect opportunity to turn these new users into followers, fans, and, more likely, customers.

You could bring in such types of comments through running contests and giveaways on the platform. For example, MVMT provides frequent giveaways to encourage users to mention their circles in the comment to get a reward.

     Uploading Worthwhile Content

What’s the best way for getting massive engagement with auto likes on Instagram than uploading valuable content that brings the users to interact?

Here are the myths you need to know before you begin content ideas. Not only do catchy captions or stunning images grab more eyeballs, but the content format also matters. You need to upload content that showcases your product’s value. For example, a fitness brand uploads its clients ‘ before and after pictures of profiting from their service.

     Note Your Followers Tiredness

Unlike Twitter, Instagram is all about macro-conversations and massive interactions. You can build engagement by uploading HQ(High Quality) content rather than uploading frequently.

So, you want to upload a maximum of two or three posts every day. If you upload more times a day, you will damage the engagement rate because of followers’ tiredness. Audiences would dislike it if you upload continuously and think that you are spam, resulting in an engagement drop.

     Utilize Instagram Stories

A User on Instagram spends, on average, 29 minutes on the story section every day. It’s the major success of the feature, and thus over 350 million people utilize it daily.

What’s a more magnificent way to interact with your fans than sharing blooper video content or BTS(Behind The Scene) with them? Renault utilized this stunning feature to promote their new model vehicles among millennials.

     Grab The Perfect Filters

The Instagram platform is all about capturing an audience with visual-oriented magnificent content. Instagram filters are one of the great ways to use them for gaining additional engagement. Every filter acquires its function and could bring a unique image dimension.

Filters such as Valencia, Juno are some of the most used and popular ones on the platform. It’s a perfect way to fix two or three filters so that your fans start realizing your brand quickly.

     Try Feed Themes On Instagram

The feed themes on Instagram are one of the perfect ways to bring your posts a stunning visual appeal. Though many people utilize massive filters, only a few people bring out the feed themes. This extra factor would help in increasing engagements on Instagram for your business or brand.

You can go for a black and white feed theme as simple or work with complicated themes to make your profile feed attractive. Also, don’t forget, the feed theme that you’re going to use should be relevant to your business or brand.

     Leverage Instagram Geotags

Like hashtags, you could also utilize geotags to make your stories and posts more discoverable. Every local business can use this to its extreme via including location tags in their Instagram posts.

     Try Different Uploading Times

Uploading content at the right time on Instagram is the perfect way to boost your engagement rate. You could increase your engagement via uploading content when most of your fans are active on Instagram.

You can use Instagram Insights to find out the right time for uploading content. After analyzing it, you can acquire the best time to post.

     Add Story Highlights

You have less time to convert the users to followers who land on your Instagram profile. The highlight feature is one of the ways to bring that and boost engagements on your Instagram page.

Instagram stories disappear after a day from the uploading time, but you can make endless stories via Highlights. So bringing up your perfect testimonials, accomplishments, and BTS content into the Highlights section impresses your potential and new followers.

Final Words

The primary key for achieving Instagram marketing success revolves around Instagram engagement rates. You want to try every point as discussed above to grab the best one for your business. What are you waiting for? Utilize the points to boost your Instagram engagement rate quickly.

Author Bio Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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