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Digital marketing has enhanced advertising and marketing. Now the fundamentals of advertising have allowed the marketers to study their performance and the way they can improve ROI. Unlike traditional marketing, one can have a deep understanding of their target audience, likewise the approach that can work for them.

Since Digital Marketing is growing dynamically, the do’s and don’t are evolving as well. If you want to improve your online presence, then dive deep into it:

Know your customer:

Most people think digital marketing is about sending personalised emails and running ads to increase their customer base. However, Digital Marketing has a lot. It is a different ball game, marketers or business owners employ it, in different ways that fetch ROI to them. Knowing your consumer base is the pivotal thing. Only then you can know-how and in what direction you should push your content. There are many ways in which marketers, brands and the top digital marketing company in Gurgaon build their engagement. Some of them are through giveaways, stories and reels, topical posts and informative blogs on their website.

Ensure your content is mobile-friendly:

In today’s time, people are using phones more than their laptops and computers. So, one has to make sure every content you push is fully optimised for mobile devices too. According to a report, almost 90 per cent of people spend a portion of their day surfing on the phone. Reading emails, scrolling social media, reading blogs and press releases leads them to make purchases. So, craft precise website and social media posts that are accessible from the mobiles.

Make SEO a part of everything you do:

Google advancement has given a new set of SEO rules and guidelines. Pre-google days were the golden days where google used to rank the website based on the website content. But now Google has become strict with the content. Therefore, there is an acute need to understand the mechanisms of new SEO rules like building high-quality hyperlinks, using long-tail keywords, creating user-friendly and informative content for the website and a lot more. Following these practices will help improve the quality of Google score, which will impact the SEO ranking of the brand or business.

Develop a good social media strategy:

Digital marketing protocols change every few months. Similarly, marketers have to come up with intelligent marketing strategies to attract a good consumer base. Hence, creating campaigns for social media should be processed strategically. Planned and strategize content campaigns can bring in a high-quality consumer base.

Sometimes less is more:

Digital marketers have constant pressure to bring forward unique and eye-catching campaigns, giveaways, and contest ideas. To capture attention sometimes, they drive an array of things that might complicate the situation. In such cases, some of the campaigns, contests, or giveaways go unnoticed. Therefore, it is said to plan a strategy and accordingly drive the content. 

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By Anurag Rathod

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