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If you have and wear lace front wigs or human hair wigs, then there is good news for you. You can always change the method or way to part your hair at will. Parting hair is among the easiest ways to transform your look.

In this blog, we will discover how beautifully and cleanly you can part your hair. Also, we will find how to pick the correct part that will look legit on your face shape.

Ways to Part Hair – Middle or Center Part, Side Part and Off-Center Part

Middle or Centre Part

The centre part is among those hair parts that are simple to achieve. It’s perfect for those having round face cut as it elongates the face shape. The attention of looker goes to the mid part and away from the side. It provides symmetry.

Those women who keep middle part hairstyle are said to have an even-tempered and balanced personality.

Off-Centre Part

This is the best option for those who wish the center part, but also like to have a less severe look. It is perfect if you need to offset a rigid or strong feature face shape. Off-center part is also amazing for women having a square face cut as it enforces depth.

Almost similar to the center part, women who wish to have this style are balanced and flexible. For an off-center style to part, your hair, use the rattail comb and part 1-2 cm far from the center or your nose bridge. Each side can be texturized through a scrunching product or you can make the ends wavy.

Side Part

The side part is among the hair part types that work with every face shape. You can part your hair through either on left or right to your head and it will still give you a great look. To give a natural look, you can finger comb your hair to give the side part and observe where it falls.

You also have the choice to blow-up one side for tuck and volume the other side your ear’s backside for a classic look. Switching hair sides is a sharp trick to give your hair a voluminous look and conceal thinning.

A dramatic version of side part is the “deep side” part. It is often used for highlighting your best features such as your eyes or cheekbones.

Zigzag Part

Zigzag is an outgoing yet fun type of hair part that generates the famous “Woke up in the morning” look. Zigzag is superb for hiding baby hair and inserting texture and definition. To have this look, use the comb’s corner to create a straight part. Now, crisscross as your comb passes through your hairline. A slight casual variation is a diagonal cut in which you part hair diagonally across to your head’s crown. As a result, your hair looks voluminous.

Irrespective of which kind of the hair part, we can part it in an equivalent way, just in a different spot. So, by following the below-mentioned ways, you can make hair part without anyone else’s help.

5 Simple Steps to Create beautiful and Clean Hair Type

1st Step. Comb your hair back away starting from your face using a paddle brush.

2nd Step. Take a fresh comb in such a way that wider teeth are on one end and the closer teeth are on the other. Now lay down the comb, place the beginning where you wish it to go. Use the comb’s end to part your hair and it will offer you a clean and nice parting.

3rd Step. Moist your hair, and follow the last step again to ensure all your hair is in your required direction, and let it dry, or dry through blower each side starting from the roots. Make sure to keep your blow-dryer at a low heart setting; other your frontal lace wigs would burn. Now clip your hair on each side and let 5-10 minutes pass, and then take them away.

4th Step. If you need one side of your hair flat and one side with volume, in case of a side part, just add volume with the blow dryer and leave the other side untouched.

5th Step. Don’t forget to end your part styling with hairspray to tame the flyways and keep it in place.

5 Hair Parts for Each Face Shape

Round Face

For women having a round face cut, the best way for hair part is the side or center part. You can go for a deep side part as well. Both styles extend the face and provide symmetry. You would want a slimming effect on your face.

Oval Face

Any kind of hair part looks and works well through an oval face as this shape is organically symmetrical.

Square Face

Square face and its features can be best highlighted with an off-center or a center part. The center part enforces the round face illusion. An off-center hair skin while traveling part is a choice for those who wish to give their jaws a softer look. A side part along with bangs will work to soften your look too.

Heart Face

Heart face shapes and deep side part go hand in hand to snatch attention away from the chin line. It helps in making the cheekbones slightly less severe. The off-center part would do as well.

Oblong Face

An off-center or center part works well when merged for oblong face shape to make it less elongated and rounder. Addition of bangs will help to shorten the shape.  

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