chronic stress

Being stressed means that your body is facing a problem that it considers a threat. These situations teach us to tolerate other stressors better and to adapt to difficulties. But how do you prevent stress from controlling your whole life?

Chronic stress keeps you on standby. The body is defending itself. It evaluates what is needed in a given situation and what is not. Various bodily reactions are changing, which can negatively affect our functioning. How to recognize that we face the effects of chronic stress and effectively defend it?

This creates stress

Under normal circumstances, a situation will trigger a stress response. The body evaluates it by starting to produce stress hormones at the expense of other functions, “insignificant” at that moment. The body’s immune responses change, heart rate, blood pressure, and brain glucose levels increase. Simply put, your body prepares you to fight for bare life, and you get priority for the bodily functions that allow you to do so. 

When the situation is over, everything will return to normal, and the body will function again as before. 

However, persistent stress and endless “combat readiness” responses can result in chronic stress. It affects not only the immune system but also the digestive, reproductive, and cardiovascular systems. You can also struggle with anxiety, depression, or even erectile dysfunction.   

Symptoms of chronic stress

The negative impact of chronic stress is reflected in physical and emotional health, as well as changes in behavior. The most common symptoms are:

  • lack of energy, 
  • stomach upset 
  • insomnia, 
  • common infections, 
  • loss of sexual desire,
  • nervousness, 
  • forgetfulness, 
  • inability to concentrate, 
  • change in appetite (too much or too little),
  • Skin problems.

Treatment of chronic stress

We can get rid of the constant attack of stress on our bodies in several ways. What is essential is the desire to change the unfavorable situation and know how to get out of it.


Just walking has a huge number of positive effects on our body. As such, exercise helps to reduce stress, maintain optimal weight, lower blood pressure, and release hormones, thanks to which we feel happier and happier. It also allows for better sleep and better sleep. 

Herbs and vitamins

Some herbs have abilities that support our mental health, relaxation, cognitive function, quality sleep, and sleep. These include passion, fruit, and valerian. The substances contained in these plants can be a useful aid in the fight against chronic stress.

Confirmed by scientists

In their study, Polish researchers reported that the use of passion fruit resulted in reduced anxiety and improved memory. A study by South Korean scientists confirmed that valerian could suppress the physical and mental stress response. Therefore, these two plants are suitable candidates, thanks to which it is possible to fight chronic stress with the help of nature. 

The natural-based nutritional weight loos supplement contains, in addition to passion fruit and valerian, also vitamins C and B6, which help to maintain a good mood. They support proper mental activity and the activity of the nervous system.

Conscious breaks at work

Taking a few 5 to 10-minute breaks during the working day means consciously checking the tension causes. A few deep breaths and exhalations will allow you to take a break from work duties for a while. Research confirms that using such relaxation will help your brain work with stress more effectively. You can also lower your blood pressure this way. 

Stay in nature

Stan A study by researchers at Stanford showed that a walk in the parking area helped reduce fear, anxiety, and worry more than walking down a busy street and had cognitive benefits in love life or you can try Fildena 100 or Fildena 150. Therefore, consider whether a simple walk surrounded by greenery is not worth sending chronic stress into the past.

Meeting with family, friends

Family members and close friends can provide you with emotional support and motivation to act. Be more sociable, surround yourself with the people you love, and many stressful situations will suddenly become more comfortable. 

Council in conclusion

Do not allow stress to affect your decisions, work, and family life negatively. Find a way to deal with situations that cause wrinkles on your forehead more efficiently and eliminate chronic stress once and for all!

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.