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Here Are the Tips How to Care Hair and Skin While Traveling

Here Are the Tips How to Care Hair and Skin While Traveling

Are you looking forward to going to the beaches or the mountain during the coming holiday? Although traveling is relaxing and beneficial for your overall mental and physical wellbeing, it is equally stressful for your hair and skin. It can be a challenge to travel and still maintain your fabulous look. Oily skin and red eyes paint an accurate picture of your look when coming off the plane in your desired vacation destination. On your return trip, add some sunburn to the list, not forgetting blisters and exhaustion.

Maintaining consistency in your skincare routine can prove to be a challenge. However, put in some effort in maintaining healthy hair and skin. Fortunately, with some few survival tips, you can enjoy your business trip, seasonal vacation, and family get together with a smile.

1. Don’t Use Hotel Soaps

Hotels try to maximize their profits. As a result, you cannot say the soaps in hotels are of a high standard. The soaps tend to be a bit drying. If you have sensitive skin, you should skip the desire to try different products unless you intend to visit the store.

Also, you have to give your beard the care it deserves, or else, using the wrong soaps to clean it will strip off essential oils. As you think of your skin and hair health, the beard gets into the picture. You need to invest in a good beard shampoo to ensure it remains fresh and healthy without causing damage to the beard hair and the skin. The point is, you need to avoid using any soap that comes your way during your travel.

2.  Don’t Skip on Moisturizing

Begin your skincare routine by applying intense moisturizers on the skin on the day before traveling. Strong wind or direct sunlight causes the skin to dry out, thus affecting the texture of your skin. Moisturizing ensures your skin remains hydrated. It will ensure it quickly adjusts to adverse climatic conditions. Therefore, your skin will stay soft and supple, no matter the climatic condition of the new area.

3.  Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Apply sunscreen on your skin regardless of the season. It will protect your skin from harsh UV rays; hence you will not suffer from sunburns and tanning. Besides, exposure to UV rays for a long time may cause premature aging, thus making sunscreen your best friend. When you are outside, reapply the sunscreen every 3 hours. Couple it with an excellent emollient to moisturize the skin from inside.

4.  Comfort Clothing

Traveling to a new place invites numerous activities such as nature walks, games, exploring the town. Ensure that you put on comfortable clothes to save yourself from the horrors that come with irritation and rashes that result from uncomfortable wears. Besides, tight clothes could result in eczema and heat bumps

5. Take Care of Your Eyes and Lips

Your Eyes and lips suffer the most in the dry plane ride, not to forget the drastic time zone changes. It may result in chapped lips, eyes reddening, and eye bugs. Carry a good lip balm to keep the lips moisturized. Also, invest in an excellent under-eye product that will keep the eye bags away.

6.  Ditch Foundation

Forgo applying foundation on the travel day. Keeps the skin looking healthy with your moisturizer. In case you find it a challenge to leave your home without using a layer of foundation, apply a primer first, and then apply your foundation. A primer is a silicon-based liquid that will ensure your skin remains moisturized. Thus it prevents the skin from dehydrating.


The above tips will prepare you for proper care of the skin and hair. Incorporate them when traveling, and you will feel the difference in your next travel.

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