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A blog is a type of website where new posts come first i.e. appear on the first page and are behind in the old order. The content of different topics written in the blog is called blog posts. A blog is mainly a medium of providing information by an individual or a small group, where they tell their experience to the people in the tone of talking. By the way, there are many corporate blogs now that provide a lot of informational and people-friendly content.

  • Be it any type of blog, whether it is cooking-related, health-related, or about sports, the blog is constantly updated. 
  • In these, many types of new information are written every week. So you must have seen there are many websites. 
  • In which no change is seen for a very long time, but this is not the case with blogs, in which weekly content is given to give full information to the user. 
  • Apart from this, the social website is also added to it, that is, you can share any information you want with the people connected to your social account.

Difference between a blog and a website

A blog is a type of website. But you should know that not every website is a blog. The main difference between a blog and a website is that the content in a blog is updated regularly and the old content goes behind and the new ones are at the top and this happens in a sequential manner.

  • Most websites are built as static pages. Where everything looks the same every day, the content is organized within pages and is not updated frequently. 
  • Whereas bloggers keep updating something every day and updating the old content over time and reaching people. Many new articles are also published in a day.
  • A blog can be part of a larger website that provides a product or a service to people. 
  • In many online large websites, the blog is only a part of a small website. From where they tell people about their services by writing and also through tutorials.
  • To create a website and a blog, you can use WordPress. That is why the owners of many companies use WordPress to create websites.

In this, articles are kept separately in the form of categories so that they can be easily found when needed

To understand the usefulness of the article written by you and the experience of the visitor coming to them, a comment form is given, so that anyone can write their feedback and tell that author. So if we talk in simple words then all blogs can be a part of a website or website but not every website can be a blog.

How to do blogging?

Believe me, you can also do blogging, every person can start working in it, who thinks that not even a single sentence is written from it. I was also one of such a category of people who used to shy away from even writing a sentence. But today I have written more than 100 articles, so when a person like me can blog then why can’t you. Now we will talk about the steps which are necessary to go into the field of blogging.

Choose your interest niche

You may find it strange, it is the fact that no one can tell you better than you what you like, which niche you are very interested in or which is the niche in which you can write something new every day. . Work should not be done in which you are satisfied only for a few days, but make your hobby and skill your work, then it will take 24 hours that you have got less time to work.

  • For example, if you like to cook and you blog about technology, then you will hardly take interest in it for some time, after that you will feel bored. 
  • That’s if you like food and cooking, etc. Then you should create a blog related to cooking and then see that you will feel like this work, not only will it be fun every time.

Beginners should take every smallest information related to blogging and for one year just get knowledge about it and write the best content with SEO and do not expect anything for a year, just enjoy your work. With a preferred niche. I guarantee you that no one can stop you from being successful. If you don’t know how to do SEO of your blog then you can take SEO training in Delhi and rank your blog in first SERP (Search Engine Result Pages)

Apart from this, we are telling below the important things to do blogging.

Select your blog name and domain

Before starting blogging, the most important thing that you have to do is to choose a good name for your blog and buy a domain accordingly.

Choose a good hosting company

Competition has increased a lot in today’s time, whichever niche you choose, you will already find many articles written in it. That is why in such times if you want success then you have to choose to host with fast speed and 100% uptime. Apart from this, you should choose the hosting that gives the best customer service.

Choose a good CMS to reach people

It is very important to choose a user-friendly content management system to write articles and publish them as well as make it easy to write your thoughts and to reach your words to the people without facing any kind of problem. Right now WordPress is considered to be a CMS in which many plugins and themes are available and the use of most is absolutely free.

Use the fastest and best design theme

When a user clicks on a blog and visits, they firstly see its design. The design of the theme should be good, as well as the speed of the theme should also be good. The speed of the blog depends on the hosting as well as the theme.

Create important pages (About us, contact us, etc.)

Some pages are very important in every website and blog (about us, contact us, disclaimer, privacy policy) pages have to be created so that every user who comes as a visitor can tell his terms and conditions.

Publish and update regular posts

One important thing that matters in blogging is that you should publish posts on a regular basis and refresh old posts from time to time and also keep updating with good content.

Never use copyrighted material

Never use copyright material in your content.

Use infographic

Make such a picture in which along with the diagram you can easily explain your topic with the help of words.

Use the FAQ

At the end of the post, make a collection of commonly asked questions related to your topic and also write simple answers to them.

How to make a blog?

To do blogging, you need to create your own blog. But the most important things for this are two things: first is a domain which you can buy any type of your choice. Like if you have open, then Google has a domain name on it and its extension is dot com.

The second most important thing is hosting. For the site to grow well, it is important for you to choose the best hosting company which gives you a better time now. We have written an article in full detail about how to create a website so that you can understand by reading from here. To host the site, you have to pay some money to the hosting company every month. The better the company, the better the service will be given.

How to learn to blog?

By the way, a digital marketing course is available in the digital marketing institute in Rohini Delhi, both online and offline mediums from where you can learn to blog. But those who are beginners and the young generation of our country do not want to invest money anywhere, should the money spent on learning go to waste. Do not panic at all because there are many such articles and videos available on the internet for free, with the help of which you can easily learn it.

  • There are some important points to learn about blogging, which are very important for you to know.
  • There are many YouTube channels where you will find many videos made on blogging, by following which you can easily become an expert in it.
  • There are also many such blogs where you will get to read-only blogging articles. 
  • If you want to be an expert in this blogging, then you should gain information about blogging, like read articles related to it every day and watch videos.
  • Buy a top-level domain for your blog so that your blog posts do not have trouble getting ranked.
  • Be active in social media too so that Google gets a social signal from there too. You should also do social media marketing of our blog so that you can also take social media marketing training online or offline
  • Do blogging in your favorite niche only so that your work does not work but becomes your hobby.
  • Create better and better content than the articles already written so that the user is impressed with your information.

In short:

In today’s post, you know what blogging is. Along with this, we have also given this information for our beginners about how to do blogging, but for this, it is very important to have this information. Many people come with a lot of enthusiasm in the beginning but when they do not see any result, then they leave this field immediately. Before knowing how to do blogging, people should find the answer to this question, how to learn to blog?

This is the reason that we have given you detailed information about blogging in this post. I hope that you must have liked this post and if you found this post helpful, then share it as much as possible on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

By Anurag Rathod

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