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It is no surprise that the content that engages is the content that sells. While the effectiveness of great content is always a how and why, the prime concern always is how to create engaging content.

Once the readers have finished reading your blogs, they take a step ahead to determine the authenticity of your brand. As a behavioural pattern, the audience often tends to validate their interpretation about your brand with consensus. To understand better how to leverage social proof on your blog, you must first understand how social proof works in terms of marketing.

Know why social proof works in marketing

The entire concept of social proof lies in the notion that people validate their actions and thoughts under the assumption that what others believe and do is correct. The feedback and reviews in this case, become an approval.

We might have passed our highschool but in a way what the ‘cool kids’ do is still an influencing factor. Considering the same, it has been evidently clear in the marketing world that leveraging social proof in the correct ways can help you harness your business growth to unbelievable heights.

Without any further ado, let’s now come straight to the question: How to leverage social proof on your blog?

Best-proven ways to leverage social proof on your blog

  1. Your employees can be your ambassadors

The marketing team that you have hired must be firing the most engaging social posts ever on sites like Facebook, Twitter and even Linkedin. However, when you post content from the organisational page it is hard to make the content feel personal.

The best way to tackle this problem is to create social proof for content with your employees. When employees take a stand to speak about the organization, its culture, the working environment or anything else, the statements are regarded as authentic information. Employees are the untapped sources for fresh content and unique audiences. The content that they post is considered as the truth and trustworthy.

Here are some tips you can use to encourage employees to post on social media-

  • If your organization is set to hire new employees, your existing employees can share the vacancies on their social networks.
  • Another very effective measure you can take to promote your employees to share posts is incentivizing social sharing, getting more likes or even finding a potential employee.
  • If your organization is operating at a large scale you can work around with a company culture hashtag.

  1.  Vault your real-time social proof
    Social listening as a tool pays to help you understand your target audience. To understand this better, let’s talk about an example. In the case of Twitter, all the brand mentions, questions, comments and feedback should be responded as quickly as possible.
    If you wish to monitor every mention made on the site you can ease your work with online tools such as TweetDeck which will help you to follow all the mentions of your Twitter handle. Replying back to feedback is a game changer. The key here is not only to reply to positive comments but also respond to negative comments proactively.

    If we talk about social listening as a tool, it is an effective tool since it builds your brand image and along with provides the visitors an interactive experience.

  2. Trend your Brand with customers and influencers
    Content marketing and social proof are clothes cut from the same fabric. When you post your content online, you open your sales to an endless pool of potential customers. Collaborating with customers and influencers for branding gives an edge to your content marketing strategy by amplifying the exposure, many blockchain app development companies do so. When this action surges with momentum, customers led by influencers support your brand.

    Here are some tips for content marketing strategies-

  3. When you are geared up to host your next webinar, you can process the same with an existing customer or in the best cases- an industry influencer. Figure out a campaign that can benefit both you and your speaker and facilitate content marketing by promoting the campaign on social media preferably with an event hashtag.
  4. Case studies coming from the pens of most active customers can be a success saga for your organization. You can put up the stories on your website as testimonials, promote them via slideshare and emails.
  5. Collaborating with an influencer to make interview posts and publishing it as a blog post can be another strategic method for content promotion.
  6. Customers can provide quotes for your upcoming eBook or white paper

  1. Make your customers write online reviews.
    Your customers can make and break your brand. Be sure to harness this power the most you can. Have you ever noticed how your fingers make you navigate to the reviews and rating sections while online shopping? We’re not stating this, studies clearly show that around 70% of the customers boat in the river of product reviews and rating before buying a product. A considerable section of 79% of these customers take these reviews as personal recommendations.
    Now that you know the power of reviews, you must be extremely active to work on collecting positive reviews. You can do so by asking your most loyal customers to write online reviews. Companies ranging from game development to Blockchain App Development use this method as traction gaining strategies.

  2. Embed social share counts on your websites
    The section of number and accolades is always the fanciest section for users. Adding social share counts as social proof should be a measure not to be skipped. This can be done with various social media share buttons like AddThis widget. With tools like this users can effectively share content on their own profiles.

     Various Mobile app development companies in UAE suggest these measures for an effective content strategy. If followed properly, these actions will help you to transform the popularity of your brand.

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