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Instagram marketing became a vital part of any business promotion, with over one billion daily active users. Businesses of various sizes use this network for advertising items and enhancing sales.

Instagram, one of several fastest-growing networks, has significant sales potential. Therefore more and more businesses are creating business profiles to market items, reaching 25 million.

While huge brands like Starbucks have millions of IG followers, most small businesses fear the market is booming. However, 80 percent of Instagram users follow brands, and 60 percent want to find new things, so they are receptive to newcomers. As a small company owner, you must assist your main demographic locate you on the platform and follow you there.

But you can gain free Instagram followers by following these steps:



Acknowledging how Instagram works is critical to ensuring the success of your marketing operations. Due to the frequency with which Instagram updates its algorithm (and policies), it’s critical to remain on top of these changes and constantly explore new ways to make the algorithm work for you — rather than against you.

The six primary factors in evaluating are users’ interest, which is determined by their past involvement; the post’s timeliness; relationships — that is, often engaging with an account; Instagram app usage frequency; the size of one’s following; and Instagram app usage time.


It can be challenging to stand out, including over 25 million brands on the network. So, if you want to advertise your brand on Instagram, pay special attention to its bio. Because your bio is the foremost thing that visitors see when they visit your Instagram page, it serves as a visit card informing them about your company, values, and products. Overall, it must be visually appealing to your target demographic.

The bio is concise and useful while also visually appealing to entice visitors.

To develop a similar Instagram bio that will capture the attention of your target audience, you must accomplish the following:

• Introduce yourself and your business to visitors.

• Include your primary keyword.

• Use line space to break out the bio and make it more readable.

• Add emojis for making your bio interactive

• Incorporate a link to your website so people can learn more.

Overall, make the most of 150 characters and improve your bio, so your target audience knows everything about your business. The best part? You can change your bio to explain more about your brand. As a small business owner, it’s prudent to demonstrate who stands behind your enterprise.

Overall, make the most of 150 characters and improve your bio, so your target audience knows everything about your business. The best part? You can change your biography to illustrate more about your brand.


That’s fantastic if your bio has piqued your audience’s interest. However, this doesn’t guarantee that your visitors will adopt your brand. The next stage is to capture their attention with Instagram posts, and aesthetics are critical. Humans are 90% visual creatures; having a unified Instagram feed is a proven technique to capture their attention and entice them to follow you.

With Instagram’s diverse visual material, numerous methods exist to curate a cohesive feed. One of the simplest strategies is to develop a single style and adhere to it.


The concept of hashtags and geotags is not novel. Whichever social media platform you use, it’s recommended for brands to leverage these capabilities to attract the correct audience interested in your area and products.

If you run a local business, hashtags and geotags are even more critical because they are a proven method of targeting your local community and attracting followers who may become prospective clients.


Nobody could have imagined the massive growth of this content back in 2016 when Instagram launched its limited-time Stories. Today, over 500 million individuals use IG Stories daily to make or watch them. Why? Since this content is only obtainable for 24hrs, individuals are more likely to act fast. This means that firms must utilize ephemeral material to engage their audience. Additionally, as a small business, it’s critical to use Instagram Stories to engage with followers, attract new visitors, and advertise products.

Additionally, you can reach a larger audience by utilizing hashtags or geotags, even if they are not Instagram followers. By utilizing these capabilities, you make your account discoverable on the feed for the hashtag or area you’ve chosen.


It’s ingrained to desire free things. As a result, it’s unsurprising that social media contests draw many players eager to win something for free. It’s an excellent opportunity for brands to improve brand awareness and loyalty. But, unless you have a sizable active following, you can sponsor giveaways by partnering with influencers.

With the help of gift certificates, you may attract new clients and allow them to try your items for free. Once a winner is determined, you let them choose the gift of their choice, which increases the likelihood that they’ll be satisfied with the present. As a result, you establish a favorable image for your brand, improve brand loyalty and trust, and provide an incentive for winners to spread the news about your organization.

Maintain consistency:

Success on Instagram doesn’t happen immediately, and organically growing your account can take years. Indeed, your strategy may perform admirably for a time before plateauing. But don’t despair. Consistency and activity are crucial.


Influencer marketing isn’t new, but Instagram is its existing home on the web. Instagram influencers are the social media world’s rock stars. As a result of their high level of engagement, they can send active, purchase-ready users directly to your door.

To begin with Instagram influencer marketing, you just need to identify prominent accounts (at least 20,000 users) in your field.

Then, reach the account owner straight and inquire about their Supported Post pricing.

Sponsored Posts are typically quite inexpensive, and numerous emerging young influencers will also consider exchanging a product sample for a Sponsored Post. If you’re searching for a comprehensive review that informs users about your offers, this may be the best option.


The highly-engaged user base of Instagram makes it ideal for small enterprises to promote their items online. And suppose you want to grow your small business’s Instagram following. In that case, you need to understand basic strategies that capture users’ attention and will help you stand out from the crowd.

By Anurag Rathod

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