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Twitch is one of the most popular platforms specifically for the recently trended most popular form of entertainment- video game streaming. There is no way you should not know how to go live if you are using twitch. But, in case you are new to it, here is the best site to help you out with that.

What does it mean to Go Live?

For those who don’t, what is getting live? It is when you interact or connect on an online platform where thousands of yours-to-be fans and thousands of Twitch viewers can see you live, chat with you simultaneously, and rock it all over the internet platform. If you are at your initial stages, you first start getting live on your mobile phone and then eventually get started with some cool stuff like using microphones, webcams, pc, etc.

Creating an Account

If you are going to start from scratch, you will first need to create an account on twitch. So firstly, you can get twitch from the play store if you are an android user or from Appstore if you are an ios user. To create your account, tap on sign up and fill up the blanks—just that easy to create your account.

How to Go Stream Live?

If you go live on mobile, you will see an icon on the top right corner of your screen. The hero is called “live,” which looks like a video recorder.

The next page opens with two options -stream IRL ( BETA ), and below that is stream games.

Stream IRL gives you a feature to get live with your mobile camera. This feature you can use if you are other than a game streamer. On this, you can get live with your music, dance, special occasion, cooking tutorial, walking through the city roads and the list never ends. If you tap on the option, a popup will open with blanks called ‘title your stream’ and ‘select category.’

Fill the blanks, and you will see an option called start streaming.

Hit the button and be ready to go live. If you are a video game streamer, you can select stream game. You will find a page loaded with games to choose from when you click it.

Select the game you have already installed on your mobile. The page provides you with a search bar to search your game. If the game is not on the page, you can search and click on games and demos.

Then select next, fill in the blanks you are asked on the page, and hit the launch game button.

After you do this, you can then go to the home page where you will see a twitch icon on your screen, and when you click it, you will see a red-colored button which you can hit when you are exactly going to be live on your mobile. Remember that you should start going live when you are ready with the game page opened on your mobile. Avoiding this can show off your mobile screen home page live if in case you don’t want people to see it.

So when you are done with all this process, go to the game page on your mobile, click the live twitch icon, press the start button, and here you go. Stream!

Apart, you can also enable live chat by clicking on the twitch icon to connect with fans and viewers.

Tips when you go Live on your Mobile

Firstly set your mobile audio high; it’s just increasing the volume of your mobile. Secondly, keep your phone on do not disturb mode to avoid notifications and calls to get live with your ongoing stream.

Thirdly, off your mobile’s auto-lock to avoid screen locking.

Now, when it’s time for you are going up with more subscribers and viewers. You might get changing into the pc with webcam, microphones and other equipment. But when you switch to pc, you will need some extra software to get live on pc, i.e., you will need OBS studio on your pc.

Open twitch on your internet browser, click on the last icon on the top right and click on the creator dashboard from the popup. After, you will lead to another page where you will find a small area on the left side of your screen. There, click on setting and then click on stream.

Permanently hide your primary stream key as this could allow anyone in the world to stream from your account. Now, select the button ” copy.”

And past it into your OBS studio. When you open your OBS studio, click on settings on the bottom right and select the stream given on the left side of the popup. In the middle of the popup, you will see a” service” in which you can select twitch from the drop-down menu. Then past your stream key and hit the “apply” button on the bottom right.

Once you are ready with your twitch page to get a life, click on “start streaming” on the bottom right of the screen just from where you initially clicked setting in OBS studio. Go to your twitch page, again click your account icon, the last one on the top right corner. Click again on the creator dashboard, and here you go. Get ready to go live!.

Here is the link you use if you want to download OBS studio or open twitch on your PC to download OBS Studio on your PC to open twitch on your browser to download twitch from the play store


According to a survey, twitch gets the maximum number of viewers on Sundays, followed by Saturdays. And at least on Mondays. Schedule your live streaming time and days to connect with your viewers.

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