connect google assistance with orbi

Google assistance represents the google voice that we are using in the form of Alexa nowadays. Is your house full of Alexa devices but why? When a single device named as Orbi router can cover all the features and functionality of the Alexa and Google assistance, then why increase your expenditure in these Alexa voices?

How to Connect Google Assistance with your Orbi?

To command the google assistance services from the Orbi router, you can follow any of these two mechanisms.

  • First, use a command such as “OK Google, talk to Netgear Orbi”
  • Second, Set manually through Netgear Orbi App.

In brief, connect the mobile or PC with your Orbi wifi network.

  • Visit the for entering the password and username.
  • Now launch the Google Assistant mobile app from your orbi network-connected mobile.
  • Click on the Explore tab.
  • Now look for Netgear or Netgear Orbi (Whatever your router device name is) and then link.
  • Enter the same Netgear orbi credentials.
  • At last, click on Accept.

Finally, you can access your voice assistance service through the Orbi wifi router. Remember you have only one option i.e English to set up the Google Assistant. By doing this, you can remotely command any service from your Netgear app from anywhere, anytime. I am really blessed to have a router like this!

Now after connecting, what basic remote command can you give on your orbi wifi network with the Google Voice Assistant? I have described them all below:

Ok, Google, Please turn on/off my guest network.

Ok Google, please reboot my router.

Ok, Google, what and where are my WiFi settings?

Ok Google, my guest network password?

As I have discussed about the privacy and safety features of Orbi routers. How excellent is this router when you have concerns related to your network security? Orbi split the network channel into three- admin, guest, and employees. All the major decisions like who can join the guest network, privacy data access, and when to turn off and off are done by the admin. So if you are an admin of your orbi network, then only you can command the Orbi voice to “turn off the guest network”.

I think after this, Orbi wireless router should be a first choice!

Apart from this Alexa and google assistant combinement in the orbi router, what I like most in Orbi is Parental Control, wider coverage, network testing, each individual network speed when thousands more devices are connected to a similar device. Believe me, you don’t have to think more about buying and placement because its hardware design is too compact and stylish, you can place it anywhere like a decoration item or can hand in the wall.

Which one is Better Google WiFi or Orbi Voice?

Today we are talking about two grand and best wireless devices ie. Google WiFi and Orbi Wifi which has gained huge popularity and positive feedback from the people. Having a big house and issues of dead zones? Both options are pretty good but if you have a need for multiple ports also known as MU-MIMO, then Orbi wifi system is awesome.

Google WiFi supports only two LAN ports that means no more users can avail its benefits.

Parental control of orbi is quite broader than Google Assistant.

Well our approach is The Netgear Orbi! Because the Google Assistant is a great choice within budget but in the comparison of Orbi’s wider coverage, unmatched speed and tri-band mesh technology is out of the question. No one can beat this device. It’s like a win-win case.

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By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.