For programmers, the 0.9 release of this WebThings Gateway and 0.12 launch of their WebThings Framework libraries brings some tiny modifications to Thing Descriptions. This may bring us more in line with the latest W3C drafts.

In April we announced the Mozilla IoT staff was operating on expanding WebThings Gateway to a complete software distribution for consumer wireless routers.

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Turris Omnia wireless router

One little difference to know about is that ‚Äútitle” is now known as”name”. Additionally, there are some experimental new foundation, safety and securityDefinitions properties of this Thing Descriptions subjected by the gateway, which are still under active discussion in the W3C.

A workaround was offered by producing add-ons with fundamental”send telling” activities to execute various kinds of notifications. But, these required the consumer to include”things” for their gateway that did not reflect real devices and activities had to be hard-coded from the add-on’s configuration.

In addition to these new OpenWrt assembles for routers, we’ll continue to encourage the present Raspbian-based assembles to your Raspberry Pi. In reality, the 0.9 release is also the very first variant of WebThings Gateway to encourage the Raspberry Pi 4. Now you can find a useful download link to the Raspberry Pi site.

We are planning to include support for additional wireless routers and router programmer boards in the not too distant future. We would like to make certain that the user community may get a variety of cheap developer hardware.

Router first time setup

Rule with email notification

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. Supply:

Router network configurations

Another attribute landing at the 0.9 release is a new kind of add-on known as notifier add-ons.

Now, with all the 0.9 release, we are pleased to announce the availability of the very first experimental assembles for our initial goal router hardware, the Turris Omnia.

Give it a Go!

Router network settings

Up to now, these experimental assembles only offer exceptionally basic router setup and aren’t prepared to replace your existing router. That is our first step along the road to making a complete software distribution for wireless routers.

We ask you to get into the newest Web Things Gateway 0.9 and continue to build your own web items using the hottest WebThings Framework libraries. If you presently possess WebThings Gateway installed onto a Raspberry Pi, then it must update itself automatically.

These builds are based on the open source OpenWrt functioning system. They feature a brand new first-time setup encounter which lets you configure the gateway for a router and also Wi-Fi access point , instead of linking to an present Wi-Fi system.

Router network configurations

API Changes

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

In prior versions of this gateway, the only way that you might be informed of events was through browser drive notifications. Sadly, this isn’t supported by all browsers, nor is it necessarily the most suitable notification mechanism for consumers.

Turris Omnia router. Source:

To cure this, we’ve introduced notifier add-ons. Basically, a notifier makes a pair of”sockets”, all which may be utilized as an outcome signal for a rule. By way of instance, now you can establish a rule to send you an SMS or an email when movement is found in your property. Notifiers may be configured using a name, a message and a priority level. This permits users to be attained where and how they desire, using a priority and message which makes sense to them.

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