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In this article, we will provide traders with a fast, simple overview on how to use the MetaTrader 4 trading framework, and how to transact using the MetaTrader 4 platform. Via step-by-step guides and concentrated feedback, this article will provide traders with all the required information to fully master the tech framework.

What to do to set up MetaTrader 4 on Windows

MetaTrader 4 is a software trading program that is available for various operating systems. Once you’ve downloaded MT4, you can launch the installation wizard and obey all the onscreen directions. 

How to install MetaTrader 4 on a Mac

With Catalina, Apple also disabled the right to use 32-bit software from Mac OS. This problem has already adversely impacted apps like the MetaTrader trading platforms, which do not currently operate on the Catalina OS. Parallels Desktop is an application that enables you to run a virtual machine on your Mac. A VM emulates a computer allowing you to run another operating system like Windows, which behaves like another computer on the host machine. As a client of Admiral Markets, we provide you with three months of Parallels Pro for free, as long as you satisfy the eligibility criteria. Via the usage of Parallels, you can use MT4 in Windows 10, or Mac OS X.

Using Windows, you can run all other Windows applications/programs, not just MetaTrader 4, on the Mac. However, as a Mac user, licensing is necessary to comply with the Windows license terms. As a Mac user, having a virtual machine requires different OS environments installed on a Mac. As a consequence, please read the applicable operating system terms and conditions for your complete enforcement. Here, we will bring you two separate ways. Which one do you prefer? 

Open an account with Admiral Markets

Firstly, you need to open an account with us. To gain full entry to Parallels Pro, consumers must have a current balance of €3,000 or more. 

Show Your License 

Click this address [link] and complete your information to register online for Parallels. After you have submitted your details and been picked, you will obtain an activation code to start using Parallels Pro. 

Download Parallels for Mac

First, install Parallels for Mac from their website list. If the file has ended uploading, open the file, and continue with installation instructions. Once you’ve bought Parallels for Mac, you will need to download and configure a virtual computer. It will be the location where the installation will diverge whether used for Windows 10 or Mac OS Mojave. If you want to use Windows 10, the installation method is easy and clear. When you mount a virtual computer, you see a screen identical to the following. To obtain Windows 10, press the icon marked “Get Windows 10 from Microsoft.” 

You will be asked to make a purchase from the Microsoft Website. After getting your Windows license card, you can install the latest Windows and enable it with your Windows key. During the process, you can take part in a start-up method, much like setting up a new device. The form may take very long or can be disrupted continuously, depending on your Mac’s capability. That is it. If the virtual machine has been developed, the internet browser must be enabled inside the virtual machine. A MetaTrader 4 download page must be accessed using Mac OS Mojave to mount Parallels. 

Unfortunately, using Comparisons to mount Mojave is more challenging. It is not necessary to install Comparisons over Windows 10 and vice versa. We will take you through the process step by step. Visit this link where you will be asked for approval to access your Apple App Store at the page for downloading Mojave. You would not be able to download Mojave without first completing this method. 

Select the “GET” button to view the register. It will guide you to the Mac OS Mojave download page to press “Download.” It’s not a concern; the installer would not update Mojave automatically; it will instead import the installer for you to use. 

The file can take a while to download due to its large size. If the update is completed, Mojave will not immediately open. If it occurs, you need to close the installer. You can then create/switch to a new virtual computer, and you will be questioned for this detail. 

Click on the middle icon “Choose this OS” and choose “Build a Windows Installation Disc.” If parallels detect Mojave installer immediately, then go through these stages. 

If Parallels does not notice it, choose “Choose Manually,” and on the next menu, choose “Select a file” and then pick the file you like. The Mojave installer will be accessible from a web-based location. Ensure that ‘All files’ is selected in the drop down box, or the installer would crash. 

After entering, please click proceed. The program would need to transform the file to a Disk Image to use it for virtualization. After the virtual machine is converted, it will ask you for the virtual machine name, and then the conversion will continue. You can have different preset choices with which to configure the PC settings. It takes time to complete this phase, depending on your Mac’s capability and hardware. When you’re through with it, open a window in your virtual computer, then visit this page to download the MetaTrader 4 demo edition for non-Catalina Macs! 

How to use MetaTrader 4 on an Android smartphone

You will locate MetaTrader 4 for Android from Google Play and purchase it from Admiral Markets. 

Using MetaTrader 4 on your iPhone

You will download a variant of MT4 for iPhone that has unique enhanced functionality. To update MT4 on your iPhone, you visit the App Store and check for Admiral Markets MT4. Upon discovering the app, press ‘Install’ to download it. 

Logging into MetaTrader 4

When you first start using MT4, it instantly asks you to input your account details. If you don’t enter it, you can go to your account under the File menu. You can then input the appropriate settings for your demo trading account. 

Logging out of MetaTrader4

There is no feature given for logging out of MT4. We ask that you clear the checkbox “Save Account Information” when you first log in for security purposes. If you close MT4, you can log out automatically.

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