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If you’re planning an outdoor wedding and want to do something different to commemorate it, a tipi wedding is a fantastic choice for a wedding site. It is possible to hold a wedding in a tipi in the vast outdoors, surrounded by breathtaking floral arrangements as well as rolling hills and even forests.

What’s nice about having a tipi wedding is that you can customize your location to reflect your unique personalities with touches such as fairy lights, unique furnishings, and outdoor fire pits. While there are several designated tipi sites available for rental, they may also be rented to put up in your back yard or a nearby field provided you have the necessary space. Don’t hesitate to hire tipi tent Essex to make your special day memorable.

Our advice for making your tipi wedding run well is revealed, as are some of the greatest wedding tipi firms from around the United Kingdom. If you’re thinking of having an outdoor Tipi wedding, Trez Entertainment has put up the definitive guide to help you make the process a bit less stressful.

Tips To Choose The Perfect Tipi Tent

Choosing The Most Appropriate Location

Tipi weddings are becoming increasingly popular in the United Kingdom. Many venues have established relationships with certain tipi suppliers that they are familiar with the area they are dealing with. The use of a venue that has previously hosted tipi weddings is highly recommended. This is because the venue will be able to assist and advise you on things such as:

  • Where to place the tipi?
  • How many tipis will fit in a given space?
  • Where all of the electricity and water points are?

Hiring wedding entertainment will also provide you with any hints and tips from previous tipi weddings they have held.

Engage The Services Of A Wedding Organizer

In my opinion, hiring a wedding coordinator is a wise financial decision. When you have a traditional wedding at a location, most of the logistics are handled by the venue, but when you have a Tipi wedding (particularly on your own land), the majority of the logistics are handled by you. It is important to you and your family to completely enjoy the wedding day without having to worry about dealing with and managing vendors on the big day itself. The entertainers take care of everything on the day, from making phone calls to vendors. Also, organizing the opening of champagne as guests returned from the ceremony.

Prepare For Inclement Weather, But Don’t Be Concerned About It.

While we would all want to avoid showers on our wedding day, it is unavoidable, and it doesn’t really matter if it occurs. As long as you have a backup plan in place, as well as some large clear brollies, everything will be OK. Enjoy planning the small elements that will make your day unique, but remember that only you know what is going to happen, so don’t be concerned if certain things don’t turn out as planned! Get help from event management services to avoid this type of situation.

Take Advantage Of Tipi Lighting Designs For A Stunning Effect

 The beauty of tipis is not only apparent during the day, but it is also apparent at night. It is possible to specify exactly what sort of lighting you want for your tipi rental.

 Internally, LED lights may produce a wide range of vibrant colors and can be programmed to maintain a fixed color temperature or to gradually transition from one color to another. Classic up-lighters, which highlight the pinnacle of each tipi, are a more straightforward solution. You also have the option of using spotlights and par cans, which can be utilized to direct light to specific areassuch as tables or other elements as needed.

Selecting the Ideal Centerpiece

In order to achieve full-blown old-school splendor, go with vintage cut glass chandeliers. These were recovered from an English manor home in the 1920s are the ideal centerpiece. Tipis, with their abundance of wooden beams and canvas edging, are a fairy light lover’s dream. Moreover, with lots of places for fairy lights to glow from within. It is also possible to enhance the surrounding characteristics to create a mystical effect. With the help of colored up-lighters, you can create a backdrop of trees. Also, walks and walkways may light with accent lighting.

 Make a Financial Plan for Yourself

First and foremost, you’ll need to figure out what you’re going to spend your money on. What is the approximate cost of hosting a deluxe Tipi wedding structure? As with any wedding planning endeavor, you must consider the number of people you will be hosting. Not only this but also think about the financial aspects of the event. Will it be a more intimate affair with only 50 people in attendance? Or will it be a larger, more elaborate ceremony with more than 150 attendees? No matter, whether the wedding Tipi rental companies require the greatest money. however, they will surely offer a hassle-free great service.

Some Final Words

No need to take too much stress, simply hire Trez Entertainment. They will make your wedding memorable as well as unique.

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