How to become an Affiliate Marketer – A Brief Guide

Many use the opportunity to earn money with their website through so-called affiliate programs. If you want to use how to become an affiliate marketer, you need your own website or social media accounts. Advertising links are then displayed on this. In this way, the site owner can earn money from advertising, depending on the terms of the contract, without incurring any costs. The retailer who advertises on the site can attract new prospects and build a new customer base. In technical jargon this is also called “Affiliate Marketing”.

This type of advertising is used in many companies. Both sides win with these affiliate programs. For example, online travel agencies have various links on their pages. These can, for example, lead to flight providers, coach companies, hotel reservations or offers for holiday homes on Mallorca.

Advertising is most effective when it is thematically related to the website.

Types of partner contracts – Before to begin with how to become an affiliate marketer we need to understand the different partner contracts –

The individual conditions of the partner contracts are different. They also regulate the type of remuneration, which can be very different. On the one hand, there are affiliate programs that pay per click, the so-called “Pay per Click”. If someone clicks on the link on the website and is forwarded to the page, this is counted. It doesn’t matter whether this visitor buys something or not.

With other the help of an affiliate programs, a fixed amount is paid when the referred visitor takes an action. This can be the request for information such as a newsletter or the filling out of forms as well as many other – usually free for the visitor – actions.  A lead is precisely this desired action by the visitor.

Another option is to pay a sales commission, the “Pay per Sale”. There are several variants. Some only pay for the items the customer purchases on the referred visit; some also pay for later purchases by the customer. Another variant is the payment of a lump sum per referred new customer, i.e. H. just visiting the website is not enough. Something has to be bought. The “pay-per-view” is used less. A lump sum is paid for a fixed number of impressions (usually 1,000). This is mainly used by advertising networks.

How can you become a partner?

In principle, anyone who runs their own website can take part in these partner programs. Of course, financial success depends on how many visitors your website has, as these can potentially be redirected. So you have to make sure that your website is well visited and popular as a high priority. If the website is not going well, you cannot make money with affiliate programs.

If your own website is up, you can look at partner programs on different platforms. It is very important that you read the terms and conditions for the affiliate programs carefully. Above all, the types of billing and remuneration must be carefully considered so that you don’t experience any surprises later. If you agree, you have to fill out an application form. In most cases this is done by email, otherwise in paper form. 

If you are working on a website you need to understand best SEO methods to rank your websites.

If you are accepted as a partner, you will receive the relevant resources by email, which you can then integrate into your own website. The resources contain the banners for the page and their links that run in the background. The partner is provided with finished advertising material that is linked to a partner ID. So the dealer can identify.

After you have found a partner and integrated the advertising, you can start. Information about the money that has been earned is either sent by email or can be viewed on the relevant page of the merchant. As different as the compensation for partner programs, as different is the payment. It is done either by check or by bank transfer. Some programs also offer so-called credit accounts. With the generated credit, the partner can then buy from the dealer.

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