solar energy

Solar energy and its usage will redefine the 21st century. Green computing is redefining this sector, green computing is promoting the usage of all-natural resources to the maximum limit. Solar energy is one such area where they are focusing more.

In this system, sunlight is used to produce solar power for personal usage and business use. Germany, China, Italy, the USA, India, Japan have put their leg on the accelerator and ripping the benefits of the technology. Solar energy is the best example of green computing as it converts direct sun rays into electrical energy.  

Some of the countries have done well in the usage and implementation of Solar energy


China is facing a lot of pollution problems, Beijing is the worst hit due to this air pollution. The country has become a manufacturing hub due to which pollution has grown widely over the last few decades and this is taking the natural resource of the country. The health of the people is compromised due to which the government has started thinking about alternative sources of energy that will be clean sources of energy. They have now become the biggest supplier and manufacturer of solar panels. They have dedicated a large amount of area to solar energy generation. There has been unbelievable growth in this sector and as they have learned that this clean source of energy will be beneficial for their economy and their people too. Also, it would safeguard their natural resources too, like the quality of air which can be improved drastically by implementing these measures. The government is promoting solar energy by providing incentives or by giving tax benefits to the people. China’s total capacity to produce solar energy was 204,700 MW  in the year 2019, alone in the year 2019 they have added 30,100 MW of solar energy.


They have been a clear winner on the implementation front when it comes to solar power. Their total capacity to produce solar energy was 49,200 MW  in the year 2019, in the year 2019 alone they have added 3900 MW of solar energy. If we consider it with a big natural gas plant or nuclear plant it has the capacity to produce 1GW of energy. They have been meeting 50% of their daily need from solar energy itself, it is long-term thinking of shifting to green and clean energy has moved it into a driver seat. By the year 2050, it wants to meet all its energy needs from solar energy. It has been a pioneer in the solar energy sector and has wisely done its implementation in its country. With each passing day, they are moving closer towards their goal.


How can Japan remain out of the race? It has cities that are overpopulated. The need for such type of energy is the need of the hour. As Japan is a small country still they are making optimum use of their resources. Japan’s overcapacity to produce solar energy in the year 2019 was 63,000 MW. In the same year, they added 7000 MW. Which is a good number compared to the size of the country. They had a nuclear disaster in the year 2011. Due to which they have increased commitment towards solar energy. It has been working very hard towards increasing the output of energy from renewable sources of energy. By the year 2030, it wants to double the output of clean and green energy. This island nation is converting or using its golf course to put solar power plants. They have created the unique concept of a floating solar island, all this water is water-resistant panels. This is a new concept that can be used by a lot of small countries which are an island, and they have a big coastline which is still unused. There are several benefits of this type of model and trying to improve it so it can be used on a larger scale.

The United States of America

The United States of America has continuously worked on solar power technology and it has tried to move to green and clean energy. It has given a lot of benefits to local residents who have moved to solar energy. In the year 2019 USA had a total capacity to produce solar energy was 75,900 MW it had added 13,300 MW in the same year. 


Another country that has done well in the implementation of Solar energy is India with 42,800 MW capacity till the year 2019. Other countries like Italy, Australia, United Kingdom, South Korea, and France are also doing well. It is high time that we move away from thermal energy resources. As we need to keep a tab on control pollution at any cost as an upcoming generation should be able to breathe in the fresh air at least we can do that for them.

By Anurag Rathod

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