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One thing which keeps falling on the ears of the overweight person is to follow the diet. Now, what is a diet food is nothing but a simple food which a person needs to consume which would help him in reducing his weigh or also this can be followed if the doctor has prescribed during any specific medical condition. We need to keep away from sugar, bakery items, and fast food. Also how to get rid of sugar ants we will talk about this topic later on. Following the diet, if advised by the doctor is a vast topic and a different issue altogether.

Here we will keep our focus on the diet plan which would help to lose weight. The topic is pretty simple but very easy to follow. The person needs to change his food habits for a duration of time till they see results. It can be one Week, one Month, or one year, it all depends if you are getting the required result by following the diet plan. If the person is overweight they are prone to a lot of diseases and medical problems. They need to have a healthy BMI which would make them feel fresh, energetic throughout the day. Getting rid of the extra weight has never been easy it has been a daunting task for many. It requires a lot of grit and that kind of mindset along with the willpower to achieve this target.   At the start of the year, everyone joins the gym the posts photos in the first month but later on, in the second or third month, they lose interest and are no longer going to the gym. All those who have been successful in losing weight have followed a strict regime in both exercises as well as in their eating habits. Also, there is a piece of advice for all those who have medical problems kindly consult your family doctor or your dietitian before following any strict diet plan.

Some Simple Suggestion To Lose Weight

  • Need to have a balanced diet. If we are consuming less food on the daily basis still it should contain a lot of fiber, carbohydrate-rich food, the amount of minerals and vitamins can be balanced by having fruit and leafy vegetables.
  • The food you are having should not be monotonous. Eat food that makes you feel happy. Such have soft homemade idli or dosa for breakfast. Use ragi, pulses, or oats to prepare them which are good and healthier alternatives to use.
  • Eat food in less portion that will help you to manage your hunger. Always eating in small portions this habit would be very helpful in the long term. Keep your every meal restricted to 300-400 calories so that you’re daily intake of calories should be between 1200 to 1500 calories only.
  • Keep one cheat day so that will satisfy your craving for the fast-food or every type of food you want to enjoy also this would be helpful for your metabolism.
  • Also, keep yourself occupied so that your mind is not diverted for untimely eating habits.
  • There is a saying eat like a king so have a very heavy breakfast. Also, eat like a beggar so have very little food before going to bed. At least two to three hours early would be good for your bowel system.
  • Keep away from frozen food, say no to all things that are white such as sugar, salt, and in some cases milk. Stay away from bakery products.
  •   Also, bring a weighing machine so that it would help to know your weight and this would help you keep a tab on that numbers.

Below is a recipe for chicken soup with noodles

Chicken Noodles Soup

This soup can be prepared in 60 minutes along with preparation time. Take egg noodles, finely chopped chicken, vegetables as per your choice, pink salt, black pepper, olive oil, and some parsley. Take medium size vessels to take olive in them. Take some chicken cubes, put some pink salt and pepper as per your taste and stir it for a while. Add vegetable it and cook it for a while. Put chicken stock and parsley and cook it till it boils. Now we need to put the egg noodles. We need to check the thickness of the soup by addition of some more stock will help. Serve it hot that would keep the taste intact. If someone is vegetarian can use cottage cheese and replace it with rice noodles that would help to satisfy their appetite.


Food plays an important role in the human diet if we have healthy food such as carrot, broccoli, cabbage, various pulses, seafood, along with fresh fruits will help us to control our BMI index. Along with normal physical activities like brisk walking, cycling, running will be helpful.

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