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If you want to flourish your business in 2021, you need to normalize the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus has changed how people consume products and services. The pandemic had been a total game-changer. Starting a retail business or a restaurant had been a good idea previously, but you will require changing your strategies if you plan on starting now. The pandemic had been a headache for all businesses.

Although COVID vaccines continue to be the hope, there are still a few changes that need to be made if you want to flourish in the market.

In this blog post, we will share 7 strategies that can adapt to the new marketing landscape of 2021.

Stay in touch with your customers

Businesses all over the world have started recognizing the power of communication. Communication during the pandemic has never been so important before. Small businesses learned how important it is to keep the customers informed about all the changes made during the pandemic.

Communicating with customers to keep them updated about the additional; changes have become more important in the current situation. This is the best way for you to keep yourself interested and engaged in your products and services

Here are a few to ensure of keeping in touch with your customers:

  • You must use a variety of marketing channels to spread the word about your customers. Your goal will be to keep your customers informed. You must ensure updating your information on your:
  • Review sites
  • Website
  • Social media channels 
  • Emails
  • Most small businesses have a concern about how often small businesses must communicate with their audiences. For determining how often you should communicate with your audience, consider a variety of factors like age, lifestyle, demographics, and type of business you are running, etc.
  • You will be missing out on sales if you don’t communicate enough about your business to customers. Your audience always is busy and may get distracted. Amidst several posts on social media, your message might get lost. This is why it is so necessary to post your message frequently.

Get Your Business Online

COVID-19 has changed the way we interact, live, and do business. Surviving in the pandemic era would mean shifting the business strategies on meeting the demands of the customers. With ongoing concerns about health risks, customers continue to look for safer ways to get products and services they need. Create an online store that helps you continue selling your products and services in person. 

Taking your business online also opens your business to new potential customers. Keep an eye on the email reports to find out what people are opening and clicking on. Also, pay attention to what’s happening on your social media accounts as well as o your website. 

Collect your customer data

Customer data plays a vital role in the process. Businesses with email address help get updates to the customers without worrying about the algorithms limiting your reach on social media platforms. Data like demographics, past behaviors, and interests will help you go deeper about which products you need to highlight and what new offers you must give to the right people at the right time.

As per the report in the Economist notes, “the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.” Google Analytics shows the average time you spend on the site, bounce rate, page visits, and how the audience arrives at your website. This will provide insights into where you must focus your marketing efforts. Unbounce is an effective analytics tool that helps you figure out how to optimize landing pages and increase conversions. 

If you want to continue your business in 2021, it is essential to focus on collecting information and take action based on what you have learned from the data. 

Keep a stock of all the resources

You must prepare for the uncertainty. You never know how the situation can change and change the current business plan. You must have a good grasp of all the resources available to you. It will help you navigate an uncertain situation. That is why it is essential to familiarize yourself with all the resources at your disposal. 

Hire Instagram influencers

Due to the rise of social media channels like Instagram, customers tend to turn to niche influencers for getting product advice. Customers often face trouble with making purchase decisions. Sometimes reviews are not enough to gain complete knowledge on products and services.

This is why you should cater to a small, engaged community. Your first step would be choosing a niche that can be anything from tech gadgets to fitness. But it is essential of choosing a niche that you are passionate about on which you can create content. Find an influence who has popularity in your area of interest. Since these people already have thousands of followers, they can help with promoting your products or services to a wider audience.

Look for partnership opportunities

Another outstanding way to grow your small businesses will include strategic partnerships with other small businesses. This will help both of you to grow. For an eCommerce business, it is not uncommon to have a referral partnership with another online brand with complementary products. Consider the business around you that has members of the same target audience. Reach out to them to figure out if there is a potential opportunity of working together. 

Offer contact-less options

As much as we all wish, COVID-19 will not be going to disappear soon. Under such risky situations, it is quite evident that people will hesitate to buy your product or service to avoid the risk of coming in contact with the virus. Offering contact-less delivery options is important for customers who are concerned about safety. If you already have socially-distance and contactless options, keep it up! This is a great way to set yourself apart from other businesses. Come up with other safety measures to make your business during pandemic even better.


There are plenty of ways to grow your small business during 2021. During the pandemic, your customer’s needs should be your center of attention. Consider coming up with new methods to maintain stability among your clients. Take all your time to find which strategy works best for the current situation in 2021. There is a competitive world out there. So if you want to survive in a crisis, you will need to grow. These 7 growth tricks create profitable growth in your business.

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