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Everyone longs to have a sound sleep free from tossing and turning on the bed. If you have sleepless nights, there are various factors likely to cause this, including your bedsheets. There is a chance that the sheets on your bed are rough, especially those made from wool and other low-quality materials. These cause allergies that are likely to make you lose sleep. 

Less sleep during the night significantly affects your mental and physical wellbeing. In fact, you spend the whole day lethargic and feeling annoyed. So, you have to make a smart choice when selecting bed sheets for the good of your health. This will guarantee that you sleep as long as you enter your bed. Discover why you need cotton bed sheets.

Peaceful Sleep

It would be best if you had quality sleep for your health. It is hard to achieve this if you don’t make an effort to improve your sleep environment. Apart from a quality mattress, clean bedroom, and dim light, you need high-quality bed sheets. These come soft and light on the skin to allow dozing off peacefully and wake up feeling happier the next morning. Cotton bed sheets come in various shades, including whites and blues, to choose one matching your preference. 

Temperature Regulation 

When you order bed sheets Egyptian cotton, expect bed sheets from the finest cotton around in its most natural form. This makes the bed sheets highly breathable—body temperature changes while asleep. When you sleep on cotton bed sheets, there is no waking up sticky, hot, and in dire need of cool air. Pure cotton absorbs heat from the body while you sleep to stay cool and dry throughout the night.

All-Season Bed Sheets

Body temperature changes during each season. Natural cotton bed sheets will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. The sheets absorb and retain body heat to match the season accordingly. Bedsheets from materials such as polyester lack natural ventilating properties. These absorb heat from the body. You’re bound to struggle to cool down as the fabric retains heat from your body. 

Nevertheless, cotton is light making it perform well during summer, especially in white, pastel, and floral patterns. Cotton bed sheets also come in various designs and patterns to allow you to select those matching your preference. 

No-Risk of Allergies

Waking up and finding a rash on your body is a horrific experience. The first thing to come to your mind is to believe mosquitoes are the culprits. However, this is not true in most circumstances. You have to mind the quality of your bedsheets too. Low-quality bed sheets are usually rough on the skin with high chances of allergies

Sleep in such an environment is hampered since you’re likely to spend the whole night tossing in bed. Pure cotton bed sheets are allergy-free since they are not made from synthetic materials that your body might be allergic to. 

Easy On the Skin

Natural cotton fabric is soft and gentle on the skin. You will always long to reach home and enjoy the fresh and clean feeling of your cotton sheets. This is especially true if your skin is sensitive to additives used to make other bedsheets. Sleeping on cotton bed sheets is free from irritations throughout the night. Natural hypoallergenic cotton will significantly enhance your sleep quality with no risk of itchiness.  


Bedbugs are very irritating creatures. The presence of these in your home, especially your bed, means poor quality sleep. These make you toss around in bed throughout the night. Bedsheets from heavy material make you detest washing them. Spending about 15 days without washing your bed sheets increases the risk of bedbugs  exposing you to painful sores throughout the night.

On the other hand, cotton bed sheets are soft and easy to wash. You are likely to wash them regularly, limiting the presence of bed bugs in the process. What is more, cotton is durable and washable by machine and hand. You quickly toss the bedsheets in a washing machine if you’re too lazy to hand wash. With clean bed sheets all the time, pesky bugs are less likely to invade your sleeping space. 

Long Term Savings

It is very tempting to buy cheap bed sheets. These seem less expensive at the moment but are costly in the long run. Taking the plunge to invest in quality cotton Egyptian bed sheets comes with long term benefits for your health and wallet. Natural cotton beddings are incredibly durable to save you from financial stress in the future.

Look forward to using these beddings for some good years without the stress of hitting the market again for bed sheets. 

In A Nut Shell

When looking forward to improving your sleep quality, your bedsheets matter a lot. Opting for quality bed sheets exposes you to anguish, bed bugs, and poor quality sleep. Investing in bed sheets made of pure Egyptian cotton is good for your health. You will forget about allergies, switching beddings to match season, and itchiness in bed. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.