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Healthy contests are a positive activity to provide the opportunity to the contesters to prove their skills and share their knowledge. Such contests have a proven history that comes with the history of mankind. The world hosts many such competitions, such as the Football World Cup, the Olympic Games, and the Cricket World Cup, etc, so that peace and brotherhood can be maintained in the world. Such competitions became easy to conduct as technology advances. in this tech era, it is shown that trend of video competition is increasing gradually because different mediums can be used to share videos and conduct such video competitions. anyone can shoot a video and uploaded it on an available medium like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, etc.

In this blog post, I will provide you five awesome ideas to host a video competition.

Host a contest that invites contester to prove the ability.

Not everyone knows the art of controlling emotions, the vibrations of the voice express emotions. This is very different from the art of writing because a poet can evoke emotions with his words and a poem of the same poet when two different people can change its effects by expressing it in different ways. A video contest that tests someone’s abilities is a good idea, you can have a song, dance, or speech contest. People like to participate in such competitions, especially when there is a prize for the winner.

Video recording competition of a mega event.

You can have a unique video recording competition of a mega-event like the FIFA world cup, such as a unique video of a goal score, beautiful videos of landscapes, travel videos, or a video that showcases someone’s playing skills.

I am not alluding just to the mega-events, like the FIFA world cup or Formula One, which are worldwide occasions. On the off chance that you wish to catch the consideration of individuals in a particular geographic area, you can likewise exploit occasions, for example, long-distance races, littler tennis competitions, or minor soccer group games with neighborhood groups.

Dedicate a video message.

Video is the main media in which pictures and sound can be joined with text. Unquestionably it’s the type of media that can best move or rush individuals. A commitment challenge is a simple method of urging individuals to truly get included. Request that they partake with a message to a relative who lives far away. The message could incorporate a melody as well. Propose activities that incorporate a subsequent individual; for instance, make a unique that includes the participant naming somebody in the video (provoking a companion to accomplish something). This individual will in all likelihood participate, however they will likewise share the video, boosting the virality and helping the challenge to work better.

go through the latest trends.

Staying aware of patterns guarantees a more noteworthy degree of virality. Clients recording themselves moving or chiming into the most recent hit tune can get viral. It’s likewise stylish to post positive statements. Another choice could be to exploit blogger development by urging clients to make a video of this current summer’s most popular trend patterns.

Local/remote events.

Occasions, for example, debuts, musicals, stage plays, or shows are ideal for this kind of challenge. It’s essential to realize how to utilize the promptness of informal communities. Solicit the crowd from a melodic to transfer recordings of the photograph call or of the aspect of the play that they delighted in most. Or then again if the challenge is offering passes to the occasion as a prize participants could be asked to state for what valid reason they need to go. These positive remarks will help advance the occasion.

By Anurag Rathod

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