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Bringing your business online is the fastest and easiest way to reach your target audience nowadays. Not to mention, taking a spot in social media gives you a powerful edge. Everybody is in it, and so, it’s where your business should also be. Nevertheless, together with the benefits of being an online business come challenges and struggles that make the virtual venture tough as well. One of the things you can do to combat them is by hiring a social media manager. 

Just imagine the amount of Internet users each day who are also using social media everyday. It’s jaw-dropping and quite difficult to absorb if you’re going to try analyzing the statistics all over the world. With a business placed on social media, you can’t just lay around, be thoughtless and do nothing. You have to be informed of what people, particularly your prospect customers, are interested in. You should respond to inquiries and attend to requests. It’s totally not easy if you just do everything on your own, so a social media manager is someone you need to help you.   

Some people misjudge the job of social media managers, saying that it’s simple because they simply sit down and reply to customers’ queries and comments online. However, that’s not the only thing they do, and in the first place, even that task mentioned is not very easy at all. There are a variety of skills, qualities and characteristics that a social media manager must possess to commit and do their duties properly. 

They are of huge help, so check out these 8 things to look for when hiring a social media manager for your online business. 

1 – Excellent communication skills

Apparently the number one requirement for a social media manager is this. Excellent communication skills can never be set aside. Someone who will reach out to the target audience and respond to your prospect customers must possess great skills in speaking and listening to them.

In terms of writing, a social media manager will connect with people. They create, write and post content too. They should know the right words to use to relate with your target audience. At the same time, they should be able to understand various vocabularies used online. In terms of speaking, it’s the same, except for the fact that they must be extra cautious, extra polite and extra clear. Not only must they have an impressive tone but most importantly they must entirely know what they’re talking about. Anything they say and how they say it will affect the image of your business.     

2 – Updated and can relate with current trends

Information and trends in social media move and change quickly. Before you know it, they do. Nothing is permanent. Whatever social media platform it is, updates happen and are made. Just look at how there are different trending topics on Twitter everyday. Not to mention, they vary per country.  

The social media managers you must hire are updated with current trends, and they can relate with these crazes. Staying on top of them is their hobby, or if not, then they are willing to be there. Essentially, they don’t unnecessarily keep themselves posted. Rather, they smartly use relevant information for your business to take advantage of them. Ideas on how to keep your brand in the trend just flow! 

3 – Keen social media listening skills

Social media listening is a crucial strategy that online businesses must practice. Many successful brands know this! An excellent creative agency knows it! Your social media manager should value this and have keen skills here.  

This is when one observes, monitors, keeps track and ‘listens’ to what people are saying. To be exact, social media listening is done to understand what your target audience wants and needs. Through this, you will hear people’s complaints towards other brands and analyze them, so you can avoid making the same mistakes. On another note, you will find what makes other brands loved and be inspired by them. Being observant and eagle-eyed is a vital quality. 

4 – Knowledgeable of do’s and don’ts on social media

A social media manager must not be someone living in a cave. They should be totally aware of both the written and unwritten rules and norms online. Some brands get under fire for using terms or posting content that are not very appropriate for businesses, are risky or are controversial. 

One good example is the use of memes. They are all over social media, meant for fun and humor. Sometimes, brands take advantage of their popularity. But you should be smart and careful enough to know the context, the history or the origin of those memes before using them. 

5 – Friendly and can connect with diverse kinds of people

Online shoppers love friendly social media admins. They can comfortably speak with them while seeking their services. 

Choose a social media manager that can connect with diverse kinds of people. They are not picky when it comes to the ‘types’ of customers they accommodate or to the kinds of questions they answer. When prospect clients throw in too many queries, your social media handler is not impatient and annoyed. They understand how customers need exact and clear responses to their clarifications and how some don’t easily understand explanations online. Your social media manager can calmly help them all.  

7 – Skills in using and navigating social media business pages

This is very obvious, but some overlook it when hiring a social media manager. They should be skillful in using and navigating social media business pages. These are different from accounts for personal use, so they should be fast-learners and techy too. Being the one to operate and run your business’ online stage, they should know how these primary online tools and mediums work.

8 – Problem-solving skills with a cool head

The job of social media managers may look fun because they are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites where people love staying in, but they face challenges too. Hire someone who has outstanding problem-solving skills, which function effectively and which they can carry out with a cool head. 

Even when your brand is being uselessly attacked by another business, by customers or by trolls, your social media manager does not let emotions control them. They don’t make issues bigger, don’t provoke online fights and don’t offend anyone. They stay composed, remembering that it is your business that they stand for. Whatever they post, they post with your brand’s name, logo and reputation. They are fully aware and mindful of this, so instead of keeping a hot head, they stay collected while solving the problem at hand. 


Social media managers have a huge contribution to the success of an online business or to its failure thereof. That’s why when you are hiring your own, make sure they have the right qualities that will help and handle your business on the online platform. Heading an enterprise is not easy, and add to that the diverse demands of being on social media. It really is tough in many ways. 

Look for a reliable social media manager from a reliable creative agency, and see your brand flourish! With the best partners and staff that focus on your performance and presence on social media, you can do the business better and succeed! 


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Orion Creative, a digital agency and design studio in Sydney, building greater possibilities for brands and businesses of all sorts. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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