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As kids grow, their minds and capabilities expand. 9-year-olds are at that stage where they are not little kid anymore, but almost tweens. Gift them something that will channel their vibrant energy the right way by upgrading their toys and games. There is no need to spend a lot of money shopping for one, especially if on a tight budget.  Consider getting a handmade gift that will also inspire them to be creative. Below are some ideas of gifts for 9 year old boys.

Traditional Soccer Ball

You don’t have to get a new ball from the store. Why not go old school and craft one yourself using old pieces of paper or fabric? It may seem absurd, but you can make an excellent usable soccer ball using such material. By creating one, your boy will also be inspired to make one himself.

Stuffed Animal

Help bring to life animals that they like, and it will keep them entertained for hours. An example is a stuffed pig, which you can design from old or tattered clothes. If your boy loves bears, for instance, draw it on material cut it. Stuff it, then close it up by sewing it.

Stuffed Toy

Kids love toys, and they’ll have a lot of delight when you gift them with a toy that you made yourself. It will be unique, but it’s something that they’ll cherish for years to come.

Knitted Accessories

If you know how to crochet, knit something like a scarf, a slouch hat, or a pair of mittens for your boy. That will come handy during winter days. Mix up different yarn colors to come up with something unique. Customize it to suit your child’s size and favorite color.

Personalized Clothes

You can upcycle clothes and recreate a look for your boy by designing new shorts, vests, ties, or a shirt. Kids are always intrigued by something new. Creating new attire will make them happy.

Slip-On Shoes

It’s possible to create slippers made of cotton, including the soles. Such are easy to wash and comfortable to wear. Your boy will quickly fall in love with them. Make them more aesthetic by adding some creative patches.

Crayon Gift Set

Do you know that you can use silicone ice molds, nontoxic dyes, carnauba wax, and beeswax to create a collection of crayons? Drawing and painting is a fundamental skill for kids that helps bring out their creative side. A Crayon Gift set is a great gift for 9-year-old boys who are passionate about art.

A Faux Bow and Arrow

Children love exploring new stuff, and a bow and arrow would be an excellent tool for this. It is safe and secure, an excellent alternative to real bows and arrows. The faux bows and arrows aren’t limited to boys; girls can also have fun with it. Make enough arrows using plastics, straws, or sticks, to enjoy a fun backyard activity.

Pirate Treasure Map

You could opt for a puzzle game for your kid, especially if you want to improve concentration, coordination skills, and patience. A good example is a pirate treasure map that allows social play as the kids try to locate the treasure.

A DIY Roadway

Another creative way to increase your boy’s play is to come up with a travel cardboard roadway. He can use it to navigate his toys on the roadway through the u-turns and road bumps.

A Dough Set

Make some playdough necessary for crafting. If your child is passionate about art and loves playing with clay, creating stuff, or sculpturing, this is the perfect gift. They provide endless possibilities for play, and the kids can mold any figure they so wish. By creating this excellent motor tool yourself, you can customize it by playing with flavors and colors.

Miniature Gun

A simple miniature gun made of wood is a hit with your nine-year-old boy. He can enjoy playing hunt with friends, and you wouldn’t worry about anyone getting hurt.


As seen from the above examples of handmade gifts for 9 year old boys, you don’t have to buy extravagant gifts from the store to please your little boy. All in all, they are at a stage where they are curious and thirsty for knowledge. Their social gameplay also improves. Consider involving them in the crafting process so that they can enjoy and learn from the experience.

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