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Hair loss Recovery Process During Hair Restoration in Covid-19

Hair loss Recovery Process During Hair Restoration in Covid-19

It is undoubtedly true that the covid pandemic is still active in the world. However, the frequency of covid cases is low, but the threat is still there. Now, many people who got affected with corona are complaining about the massive loss of hair. Medical professionals state that chronic virus illness is the primary cause behind this. They said that stress during corona infection could leave major side effects related to premature fall of hairs. However, it could be a hurtful occurrence but has a solution. Hair transplantation is the best technique that can work remarkably to get back the covid hair loss. If you are passing through such a condition, then finding a top-notch hair implant center is the best solution.

Is it safe to undergo hair restoration during pandemics?

Probably yes, you can plan to get a hair restoration service from a reliable dermatologist. For your kind information, the professional hair implant centers have resumed their services. They are serving patients by adhering to all safety measures. The social distance policy and hygiene maintenance are there, so you can undergo a safer procedure. The best way to gain confidence in a hair restoration service is to visit a specialist. However, hair loss can cause a decrease in personality, but you can get it back with modern hair loss treatment techniques.

What happens during hair restoration?

Well, it is a great question to ask your doctor before undergoing the restoration process. The post covid conditions are different for every individual in the case of hair fall. Does it mainly depend upon how severely you got infected with the virus? No matter, when you visit the surgeon for a consultation, you will be asked about how you are feeling now. The dermatologist might ask you about the covid test, and you need to have the doses injected against the coronavirus.

However, covid hair loss is not a permanent condition. You can recover lost hair with the restoration process accompanied by a healthy diet. The hair restoration process could take 4 to 8 hours to complete. The specialist will give you anesthesia to make the scalp numb before commencing the process of removing the healthy hairs. It mainly depends upon the dermatologist whether to remove healthy hairs individually or together by cutting a strip of your scalp. Now, the advanced technologies in hair transplant are really proving beneficial and highly result-oriented. Procedures such as follicular unit extraction and direct hair implant are less invasive and fast recoverable.

The recovery period after the hair restoration process

Hair implant is a proven technique that can restore massive hair loss due to covid and other health conditions. But, it is imperative to get the service done by a professional cosmetic surgeon. Your choice of a good service provider can lead to several benefits. The primary benefit among them all is recovery. Many patients tend to get fast recovery after the restoration process. But, it generally can take a few months to get the hairs to regrow after the restoration procedure. However, during the recovery period, your doctor can advise you to get full rest and can also prescribe some medications. Medication is essential in case of inflammation and pain in the head. The surgeon may also advise you to:

Avoid doing physical exercise as it can put a strain on the head by increasing the blood flow

Wash the head not before 48 hours of restoration as it can harm the roots implanted. It is also advised to prevent direct shampooing of hairs. You can take a little drop, mix it with water and apply it gently to wash the head.

Avoid wearing a hat or cap for at least three days from the restoration of covid hair loss. If you want to go outside, then you can consider a loose hat to wear.

Always protect your hair from direct sunlight as it is not good for restoration. It is normal to have some swelling after the implant, but not to worry as you can apply an ice pack.

Strictly stay away from smoking and alcohol consumption as it can become a major obstacle in the natural hair recovery procedure.

Your doctor will give a list of all these instructions after the process. So, you can keep them in mind to get fast recovery of your hairs lost due to the covid infection.

Benefits to expect after hair restoration

Improved appearance

You will get an improved appearance by getting your head full of hair. It gives you immense happiness when you are able to flaunt your hair like a superstar. LOL!

No bald spots

Hair restoration is the precise treatment that can exemplarily hide bald spots by implanting healthy hair. So, it will boost your confidence.

No risk at all

It is a risk-free treatment that gives you only a beautiful smile on the face even after covid recovery.

To summing up

Hair restoration is a tremendous approach that deals with numerous hair loss conditions. It is a winning concept that can clearly define the results and offer faster recovery of hair loss than traditional methods

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