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Since the technology is upgrading rapidly, GPS fleet tracking systems are also upgrading. Many logistics companies dealing with large-scale fleets use GPS fleet tracking platforms that help bring down operational costs. Depending on the services you choose, modern fleet GPS does more than track your cars. 

These days, a GPS fleet tracking system can check engine health, track speed, enforce legal requirements, keep an eye on driver behavior, and much more. GPS tracking systems are essential for fleet managers, particularly those in the trucking business who have several trucks under their care.

A fleet management GPS tracker device makes it easier for owners to keep an eye on their drivers’ actions and increases the likelihood that they will maintain their cars better. You can also provide real-time updates to your clients on the status of their loads by using GPS with fleet tracking systems. If you are looking for a top GPS fleet tracking platform, we have listed the top 10 ones, along with other essential details that will help you choose the best one.

What is a GPS Fleet Tracking System?

GPS fleet tracking software is a tool employing telematics to provide fleet managers, company owners, and corporate executives with more insight into fleet operations. Fleet managers can obtain up-to-date fleet information using a combination of hardware and software tools, enabling them to make data-driven business choices.

Although GPS fleet monitoring systems using cellular and satellite technology have been around for a while, contemporary fleet tracking systems offer more functionality than just this fundamental data. With the help of new technology, fleet operations can now be seen more clearly. These operations include management of vehicle maintenance, driver behavior monitoring, and deeper interfaces with other corporate platforms.

How Beneficial is GPS Fleet Tracking Software?

According to one report by Verizon, 70% of fleet managers use GPS tracking software for better management. A business can face operational costs in different ways. To manage the cost and its fleet, companies need to invest in the right fleet tracking GPS, which can bring multiple benefits. Some of these are-

  • Establish Employee Accountability: Efficient performance measurements will facilitate the identification of exceptional performers and draw attention to those who might benefit from further training. As a result, the team has an organization where everyone can accept responsibility for the task being done.
  • Reduced Operational Cost for Long-Term: Verizon’s 2024 Fleet Technology Report mentions that 41% of GPS tracking users witnessed 21% ROI within the year of installation.  The cost of installing GPS tracking equipment may deter some businesses, but these solutions practically pay for themselves in a short amount of time. Companies can reduce operational costs by using a fleet-tracking GPS to improve asset utilization and efficiency while also preventing resource misuse.
  • Vehicle Health Monitoring: Preventing expensive breakdowns and extending the life of automobiles requires routine maintenance. GPS fleet tracking software keeps an eye on every car’s condition and notifies managers of any problems that might need to be addressed, allowing for preemptive maintenance planning.
  • Driver Behaviour Analysis: By keeping an eye on driving habits like speeding, hard braking, and idle time, you can cut down on fuel waste and encourage safer driving. In the end, this function improves fleet efficiency and safety by offering insightful information for coaching and training programs.
  • Recovery from Theft: By locating the stolen vehicle, GPS tracking helps reduce potential losses and downtime and speed up the recovery procedure in the event of a vehicle theft.
  • Fuel usage Tracking: GPS fleet tracking software can assist in tracking and lowering fuel usage by examining driver behavior and route efficiency.
  • Historical Data: Businesses can examine past location data and produce comprehensive reports to identify patterns, enhance operations, and make well-informed decisions.

Top 10 GPS Fleet Tracking Platforms

Since we now know what the benefits of GPS fleet tracking platforms are, let us now check the top 10 ones in the market.

1. Fleet Stack

One of the best GPS tracking software currently is Fleet Stack. It is the most user-friendly and easy-to-deploy system with enough features. Furthermore, using it can be simple without technical expertise. Its sophisticated features are designed to simplify fleet management and run on a server. The best part is that you can install the tool in just one touch. Fleet Stack is an intuitive technology that ensures real-time asset tracking while increasing operational efficiency. It is intended for companies with substantial networks of automobiles.

The platform is very versatile, supports a wide range of sectors, and provides deep insights to improve fleet performance. Take charge of your data, modify the app to suit your needs, and utilize cutting-edge capabilities for optimal fleet management.

Key Features

  • One-Touch Installation: Fleet Stack distinguishes itself by offering a simple setup process that simplifies the installation of GPS software on client servers for businesses.
  • Monitoring Driver Performance: This feature includes keeping an eye on driving behaviors, idle times, speeding, and productivity and safety inspections.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Utilise features like geofencing and sophisticated route optimization for real-time tracking. This will help you make data-driven decisions, reduce expenses, and increase fleet efficiency.

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2. GPS Gateway

GPS Gateway is another leading GPS fleet tracking platform that offers the product to help fleet managers see their vehicles in real-time. The user-friendly platform GPS Gateway allows users to accurately and easily track and manage their assets. It is a dependable choice for anyone wishing to enhance asset management and security because of its commitment to providing accurate and up-to-date data. This intuitive program offers worldwide insurance and completes the tracking of assets.

With names and logos in the appropriate local tongue, the program is made to assist businesses in developing their own corporate identities.

Key Features

  • Real-time Location Information: Using this tool, fleet managers can check motions, asset status, and real-time location information using the software. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use. Fleet owners can stay updated with this information.
  • Geofencing Notification: By allowing timely notifications about assets entering or leaving designated zones, the use of geofencing enhances security and simplifies asset management.
  • Reports and Historical Data: Gain access to specific historical monitoring data and generate comprehensive reports to identify trends and enhance operations.

3. Samsara

Samsara’s stable and easy-to-use platform is beneficial for those with a small fleet and limited technological expertise. Samsara gives you fleet tracking capabilities with real-time GPS tracking. This removes all uncertainty and makes it simple to determine the precise arrival time, and your clients will appreciate the accuracy.

Geofencing, fleet maintenance, traffic warnings, and route optimization are just a few of the crucial services that Samsara provides. It has a solid reputation in the sector for its GPS fleet tracking services as well.

Key Features

  • Obtain Helicopter View: With the software, you may obtain a real-time, comprehensive helicopter or aerial view of your fleet. Additionally, you can let the fleet manager and other team members know where you are in real time.
  • Maintenance Scheduling: Automated maintenance alerts and scheduling help keep cars in peak condition by prolonging their lifespan and reducing downtime.
  • Fuel Management: The plan includes instruments to monitor fuel consumption, identify inefficiencies, and implement cost-cutting initiatives to reduce overall expenditures.

4. OpenGTS

One of the best GPS fleet tracking software, OpenGTS is renowned for its exceptional features. The tool’s features are all created to satisfy fleet owners’ needs. Thus, for trades requiring a certain amount of tracking, it is the best choice. OpenGTS is well known for its versatility, which allows for extensive adaptation to satisfy the demands of a range of industries, including fleet management and logistics, to mention a couple.

Key Features

  • Basic GTS Enterprise: This OpenGTS tool allows users to control user roles and tailor status code explanations thanks to its enhanced web interface functionality. It also provides a “System Administrator” account to simplify the process of making new accounts.
  • Lite Event Notification Rules Engine: With the OpenGTS lite version of the Event Notification Rules Engine (ENRE), users can set up notifications depending on specific attributes. This feature enhances the capacity for swift response and event monitoring.
  • Custom Geofencing: When their fleets are being watched, users can build virtual walls, or “geofences,” around them. The system’s notifications, which are sent out whenever a device enters or exits these predefined zones, provide extensive mobility and usage tracking.

5. Teletrac Navman

For businesses that place a high priority on maintaining the best possible condition for their fleets, Teletrac Navman is a great option. Along with offering crucial fleet management tools like driver scorecards, workflow management, and solar asset trackers, it provides an abundance of detailed reporting information regarding vehicle maintenance.

The system includes an integrated communications platform for fleet-wide messaging, periodic alarms, and document sharing. For many businesses, this will be more convenient than calling their drivers. The fact that Teletrac Navman provides the most thorough summary of driver status and activity makes it one of the best ELD (electronic logging device) providers.

Key Features

  • Vehicle Safety: Driver safety is one of the company’s top objectives. Thus, it makes sense to invest in GPS car tracking software. This entails maintaining cars in excellent working order in addition to monitoring drivers’ behavior and ensuring that safe driving procedures are being followed.
  • Complete Reporting: Users can create logs and analytics with comprehensive information on stops, routes, and other aspects using a wide range of reporting options. These realizations could streamline processes and increase output.
  • Access on the Go: The tool’s mobile interface makes communication with drivers simple. The user can communicate from anywhere.

6. TrackMyRide

TrackMyRide was established in 2011 to offer GPS fleet tracking tools to logistics and fleet management companies. Unlike some other car monitoring services, they have created an all-in-one specialized solution as part of a straightforward and user-friendly gadget. In the case of theft, Australian-made technology guarantees that it will function no matter where you are in the country. It gives Track My Ride immense joy to be able to protect vehicles.

This is an excellent option if you’re looking for a tracker that can locate your car or vehicles anywhere in Australia, especially if vehicle security is a concern.

Key Features

  • Mobile Monitoring: Track My Ride GPS fleet tracking platform allows you to track your vehicle or vehicles using any device, including PCs, iPhones, and Android smartphones. As a result, you can track your car remotely.
  • Real-Time Tracking: The Track My Ride software tracks your car’s location every ten seconds. With such fine tracking, you can track your vehicles exactly. In addition, the real-time tracking tool allows you to capture precise tracking data so that you can receive immediate notifications if your car is stolen.
  • Intersection of Cell Towers: Businesses can benefit greatly from cell tower triangulation since it makes it possible to pinpoint the exact paths your vehicles have been traveling. Knowing where your fleet is going can help you find possible routes that use less fuel.

7. Digital Tracking

Digital Tracking is the best GPS fleet tracking software firm for fleet management because it pioneered the field of GPS monitoring. Frequently referred to as the best GPS fleet tracking software, it serves as a hub for developers and vendors, creating a vibrant community committed to the development of GPS tracking technology.

The system has received a great deal of recognition for its easy-to-use features and exceptional support for fleet companies in the United States.

Key Features

  • Easy Live Tracking: Real-time tracking maps are updated quickly by this real-time movement tracking technology, which has a refresh rate of zero seconds.
  • Data Accuracy: Delivers precise data, setting a new standard for GPS tracking platforms.
  • Trip History: Every move is documented, and for a thorough analysis, a comprehensive trip history is supplied.

8. Rhino Fleet Tracking

With many features at a reasonable price, the Rhino GPS Fleet Tracking Software has made fleet management business easy. You can have a thorough grasp of how your cars are driven, from position monitoring to speed and fuel efficiency, with an intuitive dashboard. 

You can keep track of maintenance reports, landmark stops, fuel card usage, and more. It is ideal for companies of all sizes because it allows you to monitor and manage your fleet from anywhere and use any device. It can also link to an Amazon Alexa device for voice activation commands.

Key Features

  • Cut Down on Upkeep Expenses: Real-time fleet tracking systems from Rhino Fleet Tracking help you cut down on the high costs of auto repairs by ensuring your fleet operates as efficiently as possible. Our technology allows you to schedule notifications for when each car needs repair.
  • Increased Security: With HOS and ELog Solutions, you’ll be able to determine the precise duration of your driver’s operation. By following the driving timings, drivers can now abide by FCMSA laws and avoid injuries and accidents.
  • Decreased Labour Costs: By using our vehicle telematics, you may cut down on paperwork considerably while monitoring drivers’ real and unlogged hours, spotting and ending long breaks, detecting time-sheet fraud, and managing overtime costs.

9. GPS Canada Track

GPS Canada Track is a globally used GPS fleet tracking platform. The company offers a product that provides real-time data regarding driver behavior, vehicle location, and maintenance needs to enhance vehicle operations and boost efficiency. Businesses of all sizes can reduce fleet management expenses and increase productivity by implementing GPS Canada Track’s remarkable features and user-friendly platform.

Key Features

  • Live Tracking: The program has a real-time movement tracking capability that updates maps swiftly, with a refresh rate of zero seconds.
  • Trip History: The application records all movements and provides a thorough travel log for analysis. Fleet owners might use this history for data analysis.
  • Real-Time Alerts: This feature uses reliable services like Firebase to send out push alerts to clients instantly.

10. GPS Insight

GPS Insight offers cutting-edge technologies that revolutionize how field services and fleet management teams attain operational effectiveness and boost client success. Businesses in North America are dealing with large-scale fleets investing in GPS Insight, the leading GPS fleet tracking platform

It has helped many companies to bring down operational costs and accidents. With customizable solutions like GPS monitoring, smart dash cams, field service management software, fuel cards, ELD compliance management, and more, GPS Insight makes physical operations in the field and on the road safer and easier.

Boost fleet visibility, keep an eye on everyday activities in real time, and plan for car maintenance to cut expenses, boost output, and foster greater accountability.

Key Features

  • Real-Time Update: See the precise location of your fleet in real-time, make intelligent dispatch decisions, and use geofences to maximize the efficiency of your fleet.
  • Track Driver Behaviour: To improve fleet safety, lower risk, cut expenses related to serious accidents, and mentor driver behavior.
  • Map Integration: To accommodate the many needs of outdoor enthusiasts, the program easily connects with a variety of maps, including satellite and topographic maps.
  • On-Time alerts: This feature uses reliable sources like Firebase to give users push alerts on time.

What are the Different Types of GPS Fleet Tracking Software?

When you look for the GPS fleet monitoring tool, you will come across different types. Some of these are-

  • Managed install devices: For increased security, this tamper-resistant, hardwired gadget is installed into cars. When the data being collected is necessary for compliance or essential to corporate operations, these devices are frequently selected. Additionally, hardwired devices are more connected to sensors and other peripherals, giving users a better overview of the operational cost and overall performance.
  • Self-install devices: These plugin devices are easy to use and transport between vehicles in a fleet and are easy to install. When fleet GPS is being used on a large number of rental cars for operations, when vehicle turnover is rapid, or when the data being captured isn’t needed for compliance, businesses choose to use these devices.
  • Tracking Through Mobile: These methods make use of applications that turn your smartphone into a tracking device. These solutions are typically chosen when workflow management or tracking staff positions away from the vehicle is the primary business emphasis. They offer limited sensor and vehicle connectivity.

What are the Features you must check in the GPS Fleet Tracking Tool?

When you invest in a GPS fleet tracking platforms, you will come across different essential features. These features are necessary to ensure efficiency and reduce the operational cost of the business. These are-

Route Enhancement

Modern vehicle tracking systems are crucial for optimizing routes, which helps firms save time and money.

When drivers manually arrange their itinerary, issues can occur that these technologies address. With this technology, companies can avoid problems like drivers making unnecessary long journeys, overlapping routes, or assigning new jobs to cars inefficiently. It takes a lot of time to arrange route modifications or future destinations with drivers over the phone.

Geofencing Features

One of the more advanced features of GPS tracking systems is geofencing. This allows users to create virtual borders on maps and receive alerts whenever a tracked device enters or exits the specified area.

History of Location

Finding the location history is one of the most effective features of GPS fleet tracking software. This tool allows users to review and assess past routes, stops, and movements. Fleet managers may identify trends for optimizing routes, and individuals can maintain an extensive travel history journal. The function of historical data enhances decision-making by providing a comprehensive overview of tracked actions.

Customized Reporting

Fleet managers might benefit from customized data generated by GPS fleet tracking software for their vehicles. Users can generate extensive reports on a variety of parameters, such as trip distance, fuel usage, and stop durations. These reports assist companies in making data-driven decisions that enhance overall productivity and optimize operations.


Investing in the right GPS fleet tracking platform improves a company’s fleet management and results in significant cost savings, more customer satisfaction, and better production.

Think about things like your fleet’s size, the features you require, your budget, and the degree of support and training offered while assessing these options. Asking for samples or demos can also help you determine how well the program fits your needs as a business.

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