Both Google Play Store and Apple App Store have a similar reason – to look, download and introduce an app. Google Play Store Statistics and App store statistics depict the role and pattern of both. The components found on the two platforms are very similar – a depiction, a symbol or logo, screen shorts or picture display, audits and likely a video or trailer.

Having a similar point doesn’t mean the two of them are something similar. Many elements make the format of these components different and cause some striking conduct comparison between the two app stores.

Here we are enrolling some essential components that you need to investigate before deciding which stage is ideal and more qualified for your app.

Free and Paid Apps in Stores

Both the free and paid apps are on app stores- Google Play Store and App Store. The amount of revenue is comparable among these two. Just like android is sharing a big portion, Google PlayStore carries a larger revenue. There is revenue distribution on the store- 70% of revenue goes to the app developer, and the rest to the stores. The greater part of the organizations encouraged, beginning with creating iPhone apps if the point is to produce revenue.


App Description is an important function on the app stores, and both of the app stores can get compared based on app description. There is a Read more button on both. Talking about the Google Play Store, there is a description on the screen displayed on the main screen along with the app’s screenshots. If there should be an occurrence of the App Store, the initial two lines are fundamental, particularly on more up-to-date iPhone sizes. They have enormous enough screens on account of which the app’s description shows up around the top.

Picture Gallery/Screenshots

In Google Play Store, the picture display is down underneath the overlap, and users are 28% less inclined to look through the whole picture exhibition or all screen captures. If iOS picture exhibition, it is the most noticeable part of the screen. Practically every one of the guests will cooperate with the exhibition things.


Investigation in Google is lower when compared with App Store. In Google Play Store, the guests are 20% prone to connect and play videos yet not finish them. Be that as it may, in App Store, guests have relied upon 30% bound to finish the video since Apple authorizes a 15-30sec length time for videos.

Instant Apps and Beta Testing Apps

Application Store doesn’t offer a push app instalment framework by any means. The iPad and iPhone users need to do it physically for both of their devices. Apple devises users need to introduce the whole app of Instant and beta testing app to have instant registration. When it comes to App Store, Google Play Store offers its users more alternatives like push app establishment in a moment when the clients need to introduce the equivalent app immediately. As of now, Google is likewise trying Instant app for Android users.

Types of Apps

The majority of the iOS apps work flawlessly on iPad and iPhone devices; however, numerous apps are worked for smartphones, and the rest are for the iPad tablets, as it were. Android smartphones, even though they control countless smartphones and tablets working various RAMs, CPUs, and other equipment setups. That is one more justification why Android app developers need to perform more customization, development, and scale to suit different devices better.


The categories arrangement of Google Play Store is further developed when compared with App Store. Indeed, App Store has begun to embrace the classification style of Google Play Store as of late. The famous classifications at Google Play Store are entertainment, business, way of life, schooling, personalization, and so forth. Application Store, then again, depends on the basic expression “There is an application for that.” Now App Store has begun to apply classifications framework very much like its rival, Google Play Store.

Reviews and Refunds

The looking app on Google Play Store is very simple. Google’s Integrated inquiry framework guarantees the effectiveness of looking. App Store has additionally added Google+ to its inquiry system that implies the user would now peruse reviews of the app. It makes it simple for the user to download or skirt any app if they have reviews or suggestions by individuals they know.


The majority of individuals have the conviction; App Store is more secure when compared with Google Play Store. That is valid because App Store requires some investment in investigating any app and afterwards transferring on the major platform. App Store investigation rules depend on a great standard, which is why it requires some investment. Google Play Store contains some inferior quality apps, and its surveys and transferring measure isn’t pretty much as perplexing when compared with App Store.


The iOS App Store and the Google Play Store are enormous players in the app business. Both have a wide audience base and famous platforms, and both have framed superb developers assets and user bases. If you are planning to make your business digital on mobile devices, you should always keep an eye on Google PlayStore Statistics and App Store Statistics for the current and the projected years.

By Anurag Rathod

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