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In this period in which we are forced to stay at home and cannot work, we can use the time to analyze the work done so far on the web to understand what we can improve and instead what we have done well. To do this, measurement tools are obviously needed and one of the most used is certainly Google Analytics.

This free platform from Google in fact allows you to understand what kind of interaction users have had on your site, thus allowing you to understand where you can improve. Having this data in hand, you can then understand what kind of actions you will have to carry out on the web once you can reopen. So let’s see what are the metrics that you will need to keep an eye on for a correct evaluation.

Number of users

The first metric you will see once you log in is the number of users. On one side on the left you will find a graph with the history, usually set on the last seven days. By changing the period you can have an average of users based on the selected period. This will allow you to compare various periods of activity to compare the actions you have performed on the site. On the right you will find a real-time graph of the users on the site.

Traffic sources

This section allows you to understand from which sources the traffic on the site derives. Usually the subdivision is in 4 different sources, specifically:

  • Organic: traffic you receive from Google search, these are users who have typed a query and then clicked on the result of your site (for specific queries you must refer to the Search Console);
  • Social: traffic that comes from social media marketing;
  • Direct: Traffic that comes from users typing the URL directly.
  • Other: other traffic sources (link building).

This graph is very important because it allows you to understand which are the actions that bring more traffic to the site.

Type of device

In this section instead you will find with which device the site is displayed. This metric is critical because it allows you to understand what kind of design you need to use and where it needs to be optimized. Also keep in mind that mobile traffic usually despite being more has a lower conversion rate than desktop traffic. This is because usually when the user is in front of the computer they have more time to surf the net, so they are more likely to take action.

Before concluding one last thing: the metrics to be evaluated are subjective and depend on the type of activity you carry out on the network. The ones we have presented here are certainly useful for all businesses, but Google Analytics can go much deeper especially if it is associated with conversions. So always keep an eye on at least the main statistics to understand the general trend of the site, but try to cut yourself some time for a more in-depth analysis.

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By Anurag Rathod

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