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5 Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business in 2021

5 Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business in 2021

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made a massive impact on the market, affecting all sizes across every industry. In the past year, most organisations have realised that digital marketing is the key to engage and retain existing customers and generating more traffic, leads, and revenues. But if you want your digital marketing efforts to succeed in 2021, you need to update your strategies according to the current trends.

In this blog, we will discuss 5 of the most effective digital marketing strategies that can help you boost your business during these trying times.

Use social media to engage and retain your customers:

Even before the pandemic, most businesses were using social media platforms to engage with their customers and prospects. In 2021, businesses should be prepared to invest more resources in their social media marketing strategies. During the pandemic, customer retention is the number one priority of marketers since most people are spending a major portion of the day online.

This pandemic has presented marketers with opportunities to boost their reach with new audiences and reconnect with long-time customers. Even if you run a small business, hire a dedicated social media marketer who will develop a content plan, make regular posts, attract new businesses, and monitor and drive customer responses. This is high time that you add social media services to your marketing mix.

Add your business on Google Listings:

If you are running a small business, you should definitely get your business listed in local business directories. While there are several online directories for local business listings, you should get the Google listings done first. The “Google My Business” listings not only help your draw customers from local levels but also allow your B2C business to appear on various search platforms.

The Google My Business listing offers valuable information about your business, including the business hours, services, and geographical location. You can also keep your customers up to date about any changes in the business hours or any availability of products on your Google listing. The idea behind getting listed in such directories is to appear higher in the search results when a customer does a “near me” search.

Drawing more attention with interactive content:

In 2021, you will have to focus on providing value to your audience and get them to engage with your brand. While having a social media plan is important, you should also consider adding interactive elements to your website and social media. Let’s say you run an assignment writing service company that caters to students. Adding a free Plagiarism Checker tool on your website will not only offer value to your visitors but also learn about what kind of solutions students are looking for. You can use the information to modify your offerings for the customers.

Moreover, you can consider introducing more interactive elements on your websites, such as quizzes, games, polls, assessments, interactive videos, contests, and surveys. Contests can matlab assignment help you grow your reach and visibility rather exponentially. Sharing a post about the contest on your social media account (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) can be a quick way to get your brand in front of a lot of new prospects without spending too much money. In fact, if you promise to reward a person for successful referrals, people will be interested in joining the contest.

Give priority to voice searches:

Voice search may not be a part of Google’s algorithm right now, but it does dictate current search results. When a voice search query is placed, the search results often seem different from those in text. It will be a good idea for businesses to consider adding voice search elements in their content for better SEO. It will help the consumers, who are adapting and switching to voice search, to find the brand.

While optimising the content for voice, the content needs to be more direct and conversational. This will allow your content to accurate sync with search queries. Furthermore, this strategy will help you boost traffic to your website by staying relevant and more visible to consumers.

Automate bidding in Google Ads:

While running a Google Ad campaign, the marketers often need to modify and adjust several elements of the campaigns, such as keywords and bids, to get more out of the advertising. However, they often need to spend more hours and management fees while tweaking the campaign. That is why marketers these days rely on automated bidding, which allows Google to automate prior moves to adjust the marketer’s bid in real-time.

Marketers are not strangers to automated bidding. It was introduced back in 2016. However, continuous improvements throughout the years, especially in 2020, indicate that it is about to gain due popularity in 2021. As you rely more on the automated bidding feature, you will get more time to devote to optimising other aspects of PPC performance, which will help you generate better results for clients at a lower cost.


If you still have been using the digital marketing strategies of the 2010s, you may fail to get the results that you are looking for. Focus on updating your strategy in compliance with the latest trends to stay ahead of your competitors in a time of pandemic. The aforementioned digital marketing tactics will be useful if you are trying to improve your business in 2021.

Author bio: Felix Goodman is a senior marketing manager at a reputed e-commerce company. He is also a part of the team of experts at, where he offers assignment help to students on request. He also runs his own blog about Finance essay help and marketing.

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