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Gojek Clone App is revered in the On-Demand Service Industry for launching futuristic and ultra-modern features on its tech-savvy platform that has butter-like smooth User Interface. The App has been designed and crafted in a way that has facilitated Auto-Billing, Generate immediate Invoices and manage Cost Deductions on its own based on the algorithms that it has been encrypted with.

Gone are the Gothic days when manual entries of all the transactions were the only way of life!

The real question is why to torture yourself with tedious manual entries that takes hours altogether in maintaining Accounting Files, Transaction Details of every Service Provider, Name and Phone Number of the user and what Service at what Time had been rendered?

It might still work if you have just one Service Provider under you! But what will you do when you have to manage a fleet of 10,000 Taxi Drivers and 20,000 Merchants and maintain their log-sheet everyday with absolute precision?

Throw that log-book down the drain and install Powerful Gojek like App right this moment!

It is only cruel and mind-numbingly stupid to not to take the digital route and stick with medieval times working style in the current trailblazing and snazzy era wherein everything is possible with one simple tap on your smartphone!

Gojek Clone App quintessentially prioritises its User’s comfort, safety and most importantly their convenience. 

All that the App Owner has to do is launch this App in record 7 days’ time with a Top-Notch White-Labelling Firm of Global Repute like GojekAppClone and sit back and see the money rolling in from Day 1. It is because the Admin Panel has an attractive and dynamic Dashboard that gives accurate Graphical Statistics and meticulously created Reports that speaks volumes with just one glance! 

It is through Admin Panel, the App Owner can have a God’s View of the whereabouts of every Service Provider in real time. It gets updated every single second with room for technical glitches or errors!

With the ease of having all the Service Providers and the Users on one single digital platform, it becomes a pleasant walk by the beach for the Entrepreneur to manage Taxi Drivers, Service Providers of every On-Demand Service genre through the Interactive Admin Panel.

Did you know you can directly call the Admin Panel and book Taxis?

Yes, it is the ultimate truth of life! In certain circumstances when the Rider’s smartphone is battery-dead or does not even have an access to the Internet to book Taxis from the App’s website, the Rider can call the Admin Panel directly by using a complete stranger’ mobile phone and getting a Cab booked in their name. They have to provide the Pick-Up and the Destination address and then what! The Ride is booked!

This Manual Booking via Phone Call is not just restricted to Taxi booking but also includes MotoRides, Food and Grocery Delivery and even Parcel Delivery! 

The Biggest Benefit of Gojek Clone App is its Auto-Billing feature that does concise calculation of the Fares after deducting the Promo Codes and Adding Taxes and Tips. Admin has to settle payments, you may ask me why?

It is because all the online transactions done by the User using this All-in-One-Services App via Debit/Credit Card or In-App Wallet goes directly to the Entrepreneurs’ account. However, all the cash transactions directly go to the Service Providers. Then Service Providers have to just pay the App Owner Commission which is a certain percentage of the Invoice generated.

The Entrepreneur has to first login into the Admin Panel using valid credentials and then visit the Administrator Panel to click on Menu. Then from a dropdown list click on Reports. Then finally choose Payment Reports

Certain pointers for the Admin!

  • Admin has to always return Promo Code discount money to the Service Providers in both Cash and Card transactions
  • Has to always return the Tip amount for the Card Transactions only. 

Negative Amount on the Payment Report is the money Admin has to take from the Service Providers in the case of Cash Transactions.

While, Positive Amount reflects the money that the App Owner has to pay the Service Providers in Card Transactions.


Gojek Clone App has the aura and essence of a classic colloquial poem that undeniably has a soothing rhythm to it and fills you with so much purpose and insight. Its true charm is in its profit-centric business model. You earn Commission on every single order placed or service rendered through this App. Do you also want to make easy and quick money? Then contact GojekAppClone now and go live with your very App like Gojek in just under a week’s time and make millions of US Dollars.

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