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A multi-services app doesn’t only serve people what they want but makes users’ experience mind blowing! A huge thanks to the most robust, futuristic, and exhilarating features that make the Gojek clone app the most useful app of all times. In this blog, we will give a broader look at the three most unique services of the app and the features entailing a satisfying user experience. 

Let’s begin! 


Hiring a delivery genie for a professional shopping experience 

It was getting dark and Amelia had to stay back home to cook food for her twins and her hungry husband. Amelia was on maternity leave for a month now. Lately, she’s been reading non-fiction books. She couldn’t wait to order books from Amazon. Suddenly it struck her that she doesn’t have to wait for even more than 24 hours to order some books. 

Amelia immediately logged into the Gojek clone using Face ID and went straight to hire a Delivery Genie. She hired a Genie to get 3 new non-fiction books from the Central Book Store. 

As soon as Genie reached the store, Amelia initiated a video call with Genie on the app itself. This way she was able to see the new collection in the non-fiction book aisle! Then, she asked Genie to purchase ‘Finding Me: A Memoir’, ‘The Gotti Wars, by John Gleeson’ and ‘The Nineties, by Chuck Klosterman’ books and delivered them to her address. 

On-demand store deliveries anytime, anywhere 

It was just after the streets opened again for business, gossip, and costumed people performing mono acts that Alex slipped on the floor and broke his right ankle. His family was quarantined and no one could travel to their home in Sitka, Alaska. 

Alex’s friend Amelia, gave him the idea that he should order all the necessary items from the On Demand Multi Service App. Knowing Amelia’s feedback about the app, Alex did what his friend said and installed the app to register using OTP authentication. To his surprise, the app had the facility of contactless delivery of everything to their doorstep. So, quickly he linked his 2 credit cards on the app and ordered groceries plus some Cabernet Red Wine. Moreover, On the same day, he ordered hot chicken soup and spaghetti for dinner too, he was that impressed! 

On-demand service providers

Most Importantly, Alex was mind-blown already and while scrolling through the app,on-demand service providers caught his attention. So, the very day he ordered food and groceries, Alex also scheduled a car washing service since his black Ford SUV was sitting in the garage for 2 months now and definitely needed good bathing and disinfecting! 

Days passed, his fracture seemed to have recovered and in the middle of everything, he caught the flu! Frightened about contracting the virus, he immediately booked a video call consultation with a local general physician to discuss his symptoms on the Gojek clone. As soon as the consultation session ended, a fee of USD 139.72 was deducted from Alex’s linked AMEX Credit Card

Other features that Alex and Amelia loved were: 

  • The live tracking system where the customer can see the real-time location of the booked service provider. 
  • They thought that the graphically represented notifications were amazing as they showed the updated status of their order. 


In Conclusion, Develop an application that offers your customers the ability to book any service they want at any time of the day. It hardly takes 1 – 2 weeks to launch a ready-made multi-services app solution. 

So, do you want to become a millionaire without hustling around for finding the best solution? Well, then contact sales representative right now and get to know what possibilities this market-ready solution beholds!

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.