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A Better Alternative To FTP Is Available To Transfer Large Video Files

A Better Alternative To FTP Is Available To Transfer Large Video Files

FTP in full form means “File Transfer Protocol”, and it is used as a method to copy files from one host to another over networks such as the internet. The File Transfer Protocol was created by Abhay Bhushan in 1971, however the standard specifications have been updated two times since then in 1980 and 1985. 

This requires repeating – FTP, one of the primary methods used to send files online or over a smaller network, was originally created nearly 40 years ago. The IT experts have wondered if this fact alone is a good enough reason to render it obsolete.

Moreover, any good IT professional will tell you that FTP (File Transfer Protocol} had never been designed as a secure system of sending data, and notwithstanding the security upgrades, it is still weak against a wide range of attacks including:

  • Bounce attacks
  • Spoofing
  • Brute force attacks
  • Packet capture or “Sniffing”

As if this wasn’t enough data comprising user’s names, passwords, large files, that is sent by way of the FTP method can frequently be accessed and read, although this has been more or less reduced in current variations. It also basically leaves mile-wide holes in users’ firewalls, so leaving their computer vulnerable to potential spoofing attacks.

As is expected from such an old, obsolete system, usability is pretty average, even current versions are often clunky and specifically not user friendly. Even though they feature “Graphical User Interfaces”, which means, a windows-like, image-based control panel, they are still always hard to figure out how to use. And, usually require a thorough user training. If you have used FTP before, chances are you’ve experienced this firsthand.

A Better Option is Available

You may wonder if there is a better option, and thankfully you are lucky. It has been 40 years since the creation of FTP, and much has changed since then, in terms of coding languages available to programmers. And, truth be told, the very structure of the internet.

This is good news, as it has given us a range of options, including sending large email files. But the best of these options to transfer large video files are maybe web-based file transfer services. Let us review what the best of these services offer:

  • The facility to send large video files free – 2GB or larger
  • Password protection on both uploads and downloads
  • SSL cryptographic protection on sent files
  • 128-bit (or superior) encryption used for uploading and downloading files
  • User-friendliness – simple user interface
  • No requirement to download software
  • Facility to send and receive multiple files at the same time
  • Work with every operating system (OS) available

Web Hosting Services

Another good option is the web hosting services which are offered by many websites today. It has become quite popular nowadays. You are required to complete a simple registration in such sites and start uploading files of any size at once. Once the upload is done they will provide you with a hyperlink which you can use as a sharing source to transfer large video files. 

You are allowed to feed this link on other social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Ibibio etc., where your friends can view the files you have shared. Moreover, you can send these links to your friends who can immediately get access to those files without even registering with any website. 

A large number of these websites provide a space limit of 4GB to up to 40 GB for the uploading depending on the plan selected. In case the limit is reached you can delete your previous uploaded files and then you can begin uploading again. Or even better you can create another user id so that you get another 4GB-40GB of file sharing space.

Cloud Storage Sites

Also, there is the option of cloud storage sites that are typically used for backup but also permit you to send large video files free. All you should do is to just share your user id and password with the recipient of the files. There are many online storage sites out in the web offering paid subscriptions. However, there are a few that allow you to carry out a free trial.

Files Forwarding Sites

The most recent happening in the field of information technology designed to promote safe and easy transfer of large video files is forwarding sites also called online file transfer services. There are some reliable websites that offer free trials for a specific size of files. The process doesn’t entail creation of an account by the sender. You are allowed to directly upload a specified number of files at a time and mention the email address of the recipient. 

The receiver will be sent a link in his/her email id that will have all the files. These files are housed in the server for a specified number of days that vary from service to service. Some file transfer services offer yearly subscriptions which seem to be not so useful if you do not generally send large video files on a routine basis. That being the case, it makes good sense to use a service that offers a subscription of a limited period that you can renew whenever needed.

The Nutshell

All in all with advanced, more secure options available these days, why would you or anyone else want to use something as outdated as FTP?

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