document management system

Automating document intake workflow helps in organizing, capturing, securing, digitizing, approving, tagging, and completing tasks with all your business files. Such a system often stores data in the cloud. It handles a large volume of documents flowing into your business so that you can spend your time in more productive jobs. 

An Automated Legal Document Management System

Indeed, documents flowing into a business are varied and come from a wide variety of sources. There are email attachments, spreadsheets, cloud folders, and more. Managing such a huge volume of documents and automating their intake to an organized platform demands a secure and efficient legal document management system. Such a system has to come with an intuitive portal, automated tracking, and visibility. 

Benefits Of A Document Management System

The ability to control and organize document intake in combination with the advantage of going paperless is the most palpable benefit of a Boilerplate document management system. 

Freedom From Manual Labor 

Such a system can take over the painstaking and unproductive jobs of sending faxes and emails, searching for particular information, handling documents manually, and more. You earn the freedom of working in a paper-independent office and get involved in more productive tasks. Indeed, such a system can save your office employees from becoming paper-oriented manual laborers. 

The urge to go paperless and have an automated legal document management system comes from the fact that a significant portion of data is contained in electronic format. This includes emails, spreadsheets, images of documents, and more. If you still have physical documents you need to bring them to digital format first. An automated document management system can automate the intake of all documents, secure them, and authenticate the value of documents related to mission-critical assets.

Ample free time

Time is money – so goes the popular adage. The more you are bogged down by administrative tasks like organizing documents, the more you are sucked into manual labor, and the less free time you have. Indeed, every unproductive activity consumes time such as searching for files, tagging documents, etc. The more you are involved in them the less time you have for productive jobs. 

Nobody is paid for organizing documents, but it may take up a considerable amount of time and thereby reduce your free time. An automated document management system can save you from unproductive work and let you devote more time to the work that you are paid for. 


Convenience in operation is not the sole right of big businesses, even small and medium-sized businesses have the right to make the work more convenient. If you have a cloud-based document management system with a mobile app you can access files from your smartphone, track documents, and also send sensitive content from any place. It must have a built-in intuitive interface with which users can share very large sets of files, collaborate, tag, and do everything else that is associated with an automated document intake workflow. 


An automated system also makes documents more secure as documents are organized from their very inception irrespective of their origin. 


If you are looking to make the process of document intake smooth, reliable, and organized you need to go for a boilerplate document management system. Such a system can let you work worry-free about the legality of data management and compliances. Plus, an automated document management solution ensures the utmost security of your confidential documents in every stage of the process. 

Since a major portion of data is contained in electronic format you are saved from the laborious paper-based documents management. All in all automation saves time to allow you to spend it on more productive jobs.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.