Skin treatment technology has witnessed huge growth. One such skin treatment that we will be talking about in this blog is Fraxel resurfacing. Though this technique is effective, it doesn’t mean you’ll guarantee to get that radiant and glowing skin after the completion of the treatment. Yes, this resurfacing treatment option is also known as fractional laser, where your skin tissues are exposed to lasers. 

Do these lasers develop pain in your face? Are there any side effects of this laser treatment option? Is this treatment option 100% safe? You’ll be spending hundreds of dollars on this treatment option, and you should expect some compliments from your friends and family members. 

So before undergoing this treatment option or booking your appointment, here are some essential things you should know about Fraxel resurfacing treatment. 

A Quick Overview About Fraxel

Fraxel is a non-intrusive and microscope laser that boosts the collagen production and growth rate of elastin. The best part about Fraxel is it penetrates deep inside the tissues of your face. It smoothens the fine lines and wrinkles, reduces the brown spots, and make your skin tone neutral. Fraxel is not complicated and aggressive, like other laser treatments. Fraxel is also known as a fractional resurfacing treatment, which indicates only a specific skin area is treated at a time. 

How does Fraxel work?

In the Fraxel resurfacing treatment, dual lasers are used, having wavelengths of 1927nm and 1550nm (tentative). However, the wavelengths change according to the body parts and skin issues. The mentioned wavelengths are suitable for treating hands, legs, face, neck, and chest areas. 

The 1550nm wavelength is perfect for smoothening the fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars. On the contrary, the 1927nm wavelength is ideal for reducing sunburns, hyperpigmentation, and cancer spots. As per various dermatologists, Fraxel lasers are 100% safe but not suitable for patients suffering from melasma. Yes, because melasma can get worst after the Fraxel resurfacing treatment. 

If someone reading this post is suffering from melasma, they should stay away from the laser treatments. Nevertheless, your dermatologist will tell you whether Fraxel treatment is safe or not and which laser treatment is best for you. 

What Is The Average Cost Of Fraxel Laser Treatment?

The Fraxel treatment cost depends on your skin issues, your location, and the insurance plan. As per dermatologists, you need to spend around $1000 on treating your face. Above all, add $500 more for treating for chest and neck. 

Is The Fraxel Laser Treatment Painful?

One of the important thing that we would want you to know is that you should not be expecting a miracle immediately after the Fraxel resurfacing treatment. Before commencing the laser treatment, your face is numbed, and you’ll feel little tickling. Many patients complain that Fraxel treatment is actually painful and intense. 

In simpler words, if you have the habit of suffering from pain, laser treatments might not be painful for you. In case if you experience some pain, you’ll feel like bees have stick to your face. Some dermatologists also suggest the patients use numbing cream after the treatment. 

When You’ll Start Experiencing The Results From The Fraxel Laser Treatment?

The results of Fraxel resurfacing treatment varies from person to person. Plus, your hair, genetics, complexion, and eye colour will also impact the results. As per various dermatologists, patients having blonde and red hair will suffer from discolouration issues after the treatment. In our opinion, the Fraxel laser treatment results last for nearly 12 months, but again it varies from patient to patient. 

Wrapping UpThe above discussion would have given you insight into Fraxel resurfacing; as a part of the treatment, you will be advised not move out in the sun and keep your skin away from the direct impact of sun rays. Also, use sunscreen. With these basic precautionary measures, you can keep your skin safe and would be able to notice the impact of Fraxel sunscreen. 

By Anurag Rathod

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