best excavator machine

Excavator machines are used on construction sites to excavate or move large objects. Excavators are not only used on construction sites but people can use it for demolition, forestry, debris removal, underwater operations, material handling, earthmoving and many more. You can either buy or rent an excavator, it all depends on your requirements. 

Things to consider while you choose an excavator: 

1) Types

There are different types of excavator machines which you need to know about.

  • Wheeled excavators are used on flat or hard surfaces and it’s easy to use. They are not suitable for hills or slopes.
  • Crawler excavators are mostly used for mining, trench digging and landscape grading. It is good for uneven surfaces, and you can move it with its flexible chain wheel system. 
  • Long reach excavators are used on hard to reach areas, it helps to excavate things from a safe distance. However, you cannot use it in a restricted area.
  • A hydraulic shovel can be said to be one of the most powerful excavators majorly used in heavy digging projects and mining.
  • Dragline excavators are used for underwater operations, deep excavation and much more. It can be inflexible and used for specific jobs only.
  • Skid steers excavators are majorly used for pool cleaning and debris removal. It is a small machine and can enter narrow spaces.
  • Suction excavators are used for fragile digging, underground projects and debris cleanup. It is applicable only for large projects.
  • An Amphibious excavator is used for clearing salty clay, swampland operation and drenching work. It can float in shallow water.

So now you can choose an excavator according to your requirements.

2) Size

There are mainly three sizes of excavator machines, you need to select the size of your work type.

  • Mini excavators weigh from 2000 pounds to 10 tons. Mini excavators are mostly required for tight and narrow spaces as they are compact. They require the least amount of energy as they weigh less.  You can use such excavators in a restricted area. 
  • Standard excavators weigh more than 10 tons to 45 tons. They are mainly required for construction work. Crawled excavators fall in the category of standard size and are mostly used. They are heavy, need large space and have lots of power.
  •  Large excavators weigh around 45 tons to 95 tons. They have surpassed the power and are too heavy for transport. Majorly required for demolition work and massive construction.

3) Operator comfort

Nowadays, all excavator machines come with adjustable seats as the operator can adjust as he wants. He should be able to comfortably sit and operate all the controls and features and look down clearly. The cabin should have enough space for two operators. The air conditioning system should be proper for the operator as the machine generates a lot of power and heat. The operator should have experience with different types of excavators. Apart from that, you must check his license and experience level before you hire. 

Renting an excavator Mechanic is a much better option as the maintenance after buying can be difficult. When you rent an excavator ensure it is well maintained so it causes no troubles or any accident. It varies in types and sizes, and you never know which one you may need. The bucket of the machine comes in a variety of styles which you need to pay attention. Attachment types will be determined by the size of your work. Choose an excavator keeping in mind the ability to perform the required work on the job site.

By Anurag Rathod

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