Every individual who is looking for someone special to go for a date or even hangouts then they search for the same on Tinder which appears as the perfect place.

Tinder has been making revolutionary changes across the world of dating on a digital platform. User’s just need to create a profile, submit it and what they are looking for in their partner.

If the things goes right, the app provides the users with a notification : It’s a match

All the different profiles of the users will be shown, the individuals just need to swipe left or right if they match their criteria and then the profile gets matched with the ones who swiped right for them.

What makes the app desirable? People are getting exposure to meet strangers and enter into a conversation with them and even go for a date if everything appears right.

Oh okay..  let’s discuss some facts about Tinder

Tinder : One of the best Dating Apps across the world

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps which is developed in 30 different languages by the time being and with more than 50 million users.

The app for dating is being used in more than 196 countries and holds a record of 1 million dates per week.

The total of 1.6 billion swipes takes place on a routine basis and the total number of matches in the day is equal to 20 billion.

Tinder users login approximately 11 times in a single day.

Alright ; I got to know what Tinder provides.. Let’s discuss the must have features of Tinder Clone App.

Facebook/ Google; Sign-in

Signing up on the dating apps should be made easy and the complete process of making the registration of the apps and then adding much profile details and then working smoothly for creating a profile which adds lots of hassle.

The idea behind adding this feature is to make the access quick and smooth.

That’s when such tinder-like-app ensures that you allow for all the social sign-ins. The user’s profile which gets created for facebook and google can be channelized to create their same kind of profiles on Tinder.

Your app users will not need any basic profile details such as Email-Id, name and even other details.

Users just need to enter the information which they received and which is being asked for, such simplicity of the apps makes it user-friendly and convenient for all the users.

Considering Facebook, Instagram and Google sign-in features while you are planning to develop a dating app like bumble and tinder.

User Profile

Dating works on profile gets matched with another person and which helps in creating such efforts for creating a good profile.

The apps might assist the users with the creation of profiles and thus making the app much user-friendly.

Asking them for so many details and ensuring the details does not need to be mandatory for all the users. The complete idea is to ensure that all the users need to create their profile which is easy, effective and attractive to all the different users.

Location-Based Suggestions

When you are creating a dating app it becomes very crucial to provide localized and customized suggestions of the users.

Matching a profile in America or Australia is not what actually are the users looking for.

Such apps must have Geo-location with the search,profile and even must include other options.

For such things, users must know about the preferred location and even the criteria to match the profiles.

Such location-based features on the app will define the suitable matches for them.

Search Functionality with Filters

Want to find the particular person on Tinder ? O yes, There is a complete option which permits the users to search for the person depending upon the name, age and other criteria which might appear needful about their profiles permits the people to search for the acquaintances and even people they have been meeting just once on Tinder and even connect with them.

If the app owner decides to give a tinder like feel to the dating app then they must ensure that it allows all the users to find the people they need on the app. This must include a great deal and all the advanced search options which will ultimately be the search experience.

Calendar Integration

The calendar integration feature permits the users to manage all the dates and the potentiality of it with ease and convenience.

The user gets to know with whom they are chatting and who all have right swiped their dating pipeline and all the other details with such features. 

The date gets confirmed and even it plans to meet after having a chat with another user and the things which are deemed important gets considered.

This becomes an important aspect which cannot be excluded simply and it cannot get excluded and such features also tell them where they went on date and with whom.

Such a feature also allows the user to know about the activities they had in their lives on the app. This makes it more easy for the user of the details and even other right swipes which gets mentioned in the calendar integration along with other details of dates and times.

This also makes the user aware and easy to know which is currently in the dating queue and who are out of the league.

The Last Sentence 

Planning the target market where you will also launch the app and then making the accurate decisions how the apps are going to be used. It also becomes crucial that defines the growth and even the engagement strategies for making the significant use of the app.

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