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Nowadays, Emails are the most used mode of digital communication. Users find it more convenient to continue any important conversations via email. Many email service providers are offering mail services to users. AOL is also one of the free internet-based email service providers. It keeps all your important data stored on the web.  

But many users are seen looking for methods to export or backup AOL Emails to Hard Drive or on a computer. Do you know the reason for migrating AOL emails into Hard Drive? This is because AOL emails use cloud accounts to store your emails and it includes high chances of data loss. So, to maintain the safety and security of your crucial emails, it is very much essential to keep a backup of your emails.

Keeping in mind about such users who are cautious about the safety of their data, I am writing up this article. In this study, I am going to reveal some approaches for transferring AOL emails into Hard Drive . SO, if you are also one of such users who wants to know about the solutions of AOL backup then , stay connected with this write up.

Overview of AOL emails

AOL is also known as America Online is an email client which is developed by VERIZON Media. This email provider facilitates users by giving unrestricted storage capacity of 25 MB size of file attachment. Besides this, AOL provides certain other products like communication tools, contribution services, etc.

Manual Method to Backup AOL Email Folders 

Users can choose View Print messages to backup AOL emails. The steps that are required to perform the process are discussed below – 

  1. First, open your AOL account and then select the message that you want to export.
  2. Next click on the more button.
  3. Now from the drop-down list, select the Print Message option.
  4. Next, hit on the change button from the new tab.
  5. Now choose to save as PDF and hit the save option.
  6. Next, select the destination to save the exported file.
  7. After selection, click on the Save option.

No doubt, this is the best free solution available to users to backup AOL emails into an external drive or computer but this technique also has certain limitations on its own. The most common problems raised by the users are listed below.

Drawbacks of Manual Method 

  • This manual method often creates doubt for users as it does not save the email messages by the name associated with it.
  • This practice is not suitable for bulk conversion of emails. It can perform the export task for a single email at a time.
  • This is a time-consuming process and lengthy process.
  • This process requires sound technical skills for successful implementation.
  • This process cannot every time assure proper security and integrity of your data.

We have seen here a manual method to backup your AOL emails into a hard drive but when users follow this medium they tend to feel certain difficulties as mentioned above. In such a scenario, a user has another solution to perform the same task i,e an automated software solution. There are many software available in the market that claims to backup your AOL emails and a user gets confused as to which one is best among all. So , to help my dear users I am introducing here the industry best AOL Email Backup software named as DRS AOL Backup Tool.

Automated Solution to Backup AOL Emails

DRS AOL Backup Tool is a smart tool designed by a team of professionals. This software can easily backup your emails and store them in any file format or even also in any email client. This is a proper automated tool that helps users to set an automatic backup schedule option. If a user wants to avoid the already migrated emails then the tool does this task very easily. Moreover, it also has the authority to cancel the backup of duplicate emails. Any non-technical or beginner user can easily use this software and complete the backup process in a hassle-free way. This  tool has numerous advantages to offer to its users that makes it the most recommendable AOL backup software.

Benefits of Using Tool

  • The software facilitates users to save emails including attachments, tasks, calendars, notes, journals, etc.
  • This tool ensures users’ proper safety and integrity of their data.
  • The software is capable of running in all versions of Windows.
  • The tool lets users clear up the server face by deleting the already backup emails.
  • The software gives the option to users to choose their preferred destination of the final file.
  • The user also gets the benefit of downloading the report for future reference.

This tool is an excellent option to use for the backup of emails. However, to get a clear idea of this application you can refer to this video. After watching this video, you can easily understand the power and functionality of this tool.

Watch the video here – DRS AOL Backup Tool – How to Take AOL Email Backup to Hard Drive


In this article, I have described two different methods that a user can follow to backup AOL emails to a hard drive or computer. Users can choose any of the two given systems. But as we can see, the manual method is a bit of a complicated technique in comparison to the automated procedure. So, I suggest users choose the automated process to complete the task accurately and in less time.

By Anurag Rathod

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